Final Fantasy XIII Reviews

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    30 Sep 2014
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    -sigh- Really Square Enix?! After giving FF fans a game like FFXII, you then give us THIS?! This game is the Anti-FFXII. Anything that you could have possibly loved about FFXII or even FF in general, this game manages to painfully kill!

    Lets first talk about the linearity. Most arguments I hear against this is that "all Final Fantasies are really linear" and that is true to an extent. However, besides the Chapter 11 Missions this game does not offer a lot the side quests or bonus content that so many fans have come to love over the years. You have to look at the type of game that precedes FFXIII. In FFXII, there was so much outside of the story to do at pretty much any point of the game, so much so where the side quests took up most the game itself. Personally, I think all the bonus content of FFXII and the freedom to venture outside of the story at any time is what made it a fun game to play with high replay value. Granted FFXII was not a perfect game given how the battle system totally deviated from anything seen in FF up to that point but still once you learned it, the game is one of the best in the series (which some would contest with).

    In FFXIII, the game limits EVERYTHING to the story...stat growth, travel, the battle don't get the game in its entirety until darn near the end (and I'm not going to get into the over complexity of the weapon upgrade system). Not to say its not worth the wait, but all the way up to that point I just remember saying "When am I going to be able to do this?...when can do that?". The game offers so many items to purchase, at such a high price, but yet has very little opportunities where the player can earn a reasonable amount of gil to purchase anything. In defense to that though, all current equipment can be upgraded and the stat growth potential is fair at most given points of the game...but then why even have items for purchase? I have still yet to understand what is the purpose of having multiple variations of weapons for party members if they all fall below the current weapon equipped if it is continuously upgraded! For example, I still have like the second gun blade available for Lightning equipped on her...and no matter how many times I upgrade swords that I've found later in the game, they all end up weaker than the currently equipped upgraded sword!

    FFXIII is a decent game in its own right but I really feel like SquareEnix did whatever they felt like doing this time around and not give the fans what we've enjoyed the most over the years. If world maps, boats, airships, and towns are just an illusion of freedom then there are plenty of us who don't want the fog to clear. Again FFXIII is a good game but SE could have given us a lot more, a lot sooner, and have to understand that they took away a lot that made the last entry a hit with so many fans. I know the creator wants more story focused FFs moving forward, but what about what the fans want? Why can't we have both like we always have? If you want to focus on stories then write FF books!

    My Breakdown:

    What's Good:

    - The Graphics
    - The Music (especially the battle theme)
    - As useless as they are, the summons are awesome looking

    What's Not-So-Good:

    - I've experienced better stories

    What's Bad:

    - The linearity of the game

    - Only being able to control the actions of one party member in battle! If that person dies, then its game over!!!

    - The lack of opportunities to earn gil with high priced items at stores

    - Poor character development for the villians

    - Useless weapon customization

    - The battle system reduces you to pushing "X" a bunch of times. You're better off just choosing Auto-battle and changing paradigms as strategy. Its more like watching a movie than playing a game!

    - You must make an enemy "stagger" to do any real damage to them. This makes the easiest of battles more drawn out and longer than they should be.

    - You are extremely limited throughout the game until Chapter 11! (Stat growth caps, ability caps, job access etc)

    - The party spends more time split than together until Chapter 11. This takes away your ability to choose which party members to use in battle.

    - Summons are useless

    - The best FFXIII offers players for exploration is a cheap knock off of the Mark Hunts from FFXII

    - You are brought in during the middle of the story and only learn about what happened before through dialouge. So its easy to go through the game and still not know what people are talking about or what certain things mean.

    In all, eye candy does not equal quality, Square Enix. Get it together or your fans are going to start dropping like flies, including me! Stop all of this experimenting and just give us a [email protected] quality game! I would rather wait longer for an excellent game, than to get crap like this!

    "You can put lip stick on a pig but it is still a pig"