Fighting Vipers

PlayStation 3

Fighting Vipers Trophies

Most Earned

Stage 1 Complete
Stage 1 Complete15TrophyTypeComplete Stage 1 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)
Armor Destroyer
Armor Destroyer15TrophyTypeBreak an opponent's armor in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus
Stage 2 Complete
Stage 2 Complete15TrophyTypeComplete Stage 2 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)
Stage 3 Complete
Stage 3 Complete16TrophyTypeComplete Stage 3 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)

Least Earned

Skirt Destroyer
Skirt Destroyer110TrophyTypeAs Candy unequip armor each Arcade stg or break her lower armor after 10 straight wins in Offline VS
Who needs armor?
Who needs armor?18TrophyTypeUnequip armor in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus (quickly input ????+P+K+D)
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth17TrophyTypeSelect game settings in Arcade Mode while holding ? to unlock Candy's appearance in 2nd Attract Mode
Ranking Mode
Ranking Mode17TrophyTypePlay Ranking Mode in Arcade Mode (hold down P+K+D+START button during Attract Mode)
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