Ferrari Challenge

PlayStation 3

Ferrari Challenge Trophies

Most Earned

The Graduate
The Graduate15TrophyTypeComplete Tutorial mode for the first time.
Unlock and Roll
Unlock and Roll19TrophyTypeUnlock your first Tournament Car.
First Challenge Win
First Challenge Win19TrophyTypeWin your first race in the Italian Challenge series.
Hot Shot
Hot Shot22TrophyTypeAchieve 75% accuracy or above in all categories in Tutorial mode.

Least Earned

Congratulations367TrophyTypeYou have successfully unlocked every trophy in Ferrari Challenge.
The Perfectionist
The Perfectionist182TrophyTypeAchieve 100% completion for the entire game.
The Champ
The Champ60TrophyTypeComplete Legend difficulty in Arcade mode.
Arcade Gold
Arcade Gold181TrophyTypeAchieve a gold trophy in every arcade difficulty.
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