Feral Fury (EU)

PlayStation 4

Feral Fury (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

For the Holy Seeds of the Great Bamboo
For the Holy Seeds of the Great Bamboo15TrophyTypeGo Through a Teleporter
Ett16TrophyTypeComplete Stage 1 on Normal difficulty
Dodge 'n' Roll
Dodge 'n' Roll17TrophyTypeComplete an Entire Stage Without Taking Damage on Normal or Hard Difficulty
Murderer and Thief
Murderer and Thief18TrophyTypeRob a store

Least Earned

We've lost all contact
We've lost all contact73TrophyTypeDefeat The Corrupted with Rose the Red
Wander37TrophyTypeSquash 20 lizards
Victory220TrophyTypeComplete Stage 5 with a Panda Marine
Vengeance220TrophyTypeComplete Stage 5 with The Traitor
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