Feral Fury

PlayStation 4

Feral Fury Trophies

Most Earned

For the Holy Seeds of the Great Bamboo
For the Holy Seeds of the Great Bamboo15TrophyTypeGo Through a Teleporter
Dodge 'n' Roll
Dodge 'n' Roll21TrophyTypeComplete an Entire Stage Without Taking Damage on Normal or Hard Difficulty
Where we go to die
Where we go to die21TrophyTypeSend 10 Marines into Battle
Ett24TrophyTypeComplete Stage 1 on Normal difficulty

Least Earned

We've lost all contact
We've lost all contact30TrophyTypeDefeat The Corrupted with Rose the Red
Victory90TrophyTypeComplete Stage 5 with a Panda Marine
Vengeance90TrophyTypeComplete Stage 5 with The Traitor
Through Time and Space
Through Time and Space30TrophyTypeOpen the Talismans Portal
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