Fat City VR

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Fat City VR Trophies

Most Earned

Brooklyn In The Bag
Brooklyn In The Bag15TrophyTypeComplete every job in Brooklyn
Knox's Training Day
Knox's Training Day15TrophyTypeComplete every training job for Knox.
Smash And Grab
Smash And Grab15TrophyTypeComplete a job by triggering an alarm without getting caught.
Big Bite of the Apple
Big Bite of the Apple21TrophyTypeComplete every job in Lower Manhattan.

Least Earned

The Last Heist
The Last Heist42TrophyTypeComplete the last known job in NYC.
Pop A Wheelie
Pop A Wheelie21TrophyTypeDisable 10 cops using Dali's Tire Spikes.
Off The Island
Off The Island21TrophyTypeComplete every job in Staten Island.
Master Hacker
Master Hacker21TrophyTypeHack 10 alarms using Ace's Alarm Jammer.
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