Fallout 76 Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed155,791
    02 Jan 2019
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    On the face of it, Fallout 76 has the making of a truly good online RPG. Unfortunately, it's riddled with bugs (what would a Bethesda game be without those?), a vibrant but incredibly lifeless world and performance has issues that should really only be cause for concern of a fully fledged MMO.

    Unlike what Zenimax achieved with the Elder Scrolls online, Fallout 76 has left a lot to be desired. What would have been perfect as a pure single player RGP with the option to play Co-op, has turned in to an online mess. The world seems to be empty whenever you join in a server and very often you've been looted from players finding your camp when you're offline.

    On that note, Fallout 4's rather intriquing yet unwelcomed addition for many, base building is back. Your Camp this time can be moved around the map in place of regular places you can set up a settlement. As there are no NPC's however, these C.A.M.P's are particularly devoid of life unless you have friends to join you inside the buildings you've built. These buildings also move with the C.A.M.P when you place it closer to you.

    It struggles with the basic need of having people to talk to and listen to stories from a first hand account, instead, most of the story is told through your Pipboy. Having to find holotapes to hear the adventures "Single-player experience", it's almost like a lazier version of BioShock's Tape recordings, without actually giving any real backstory for most of them. You often get lost in your own little world of loneliness when your friends aren't online and when they are, there's not neccessarilly any real fun to be had in chasing shadows.

    Gameplay is actually ALOT smoother than Fallout 4, however, one of the smaller things that this title has going for it over it's predeccessors. Then again there needs to be a bit of dialogue to couple with it, gameplay alone can't disguise a joyless and barren world without life at all.