Falling Skies: The Game (EU)

PlayStation 3

Falling Skies: The Game (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Don't Die on Me
Don't Die on Me30TrophyTypeLearn how to create defibrillators in the Infirmary.
Not Too Shabby
Not Too Shabby32TrophyTypeLearn how to make medium armor in the Workshop.
Harbormaster37TrophyTypeDefeat all of the enemies in the "Shipyard Slaughter" mission.
House Call
House Call37TrophyTypeRescue the doctor in the "Medical Emergency" mission.

Least Earned

Strength In Numbers
Strength In Numbers130TrophyTypeMaximize your squad and roster size by unlocking all of the available slots.
Pope's Payback
Pope's Payback43TrophyTypeHelp Pope destroy dormant Mech units in the "Planned Obsolescence" mission.
Clean Sweep
Clean Sweep260TrophyTypeCollect all of the Trophies in the game.
Checkmate130TrophyTypeDefeat Mech-Leg to claim victory over the Espheni in the final story mission.
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