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Fallen Knight
Type Game
Publisher PQUBE LTD
Platform PS4
Discovered 20 Jul 2021
Last check 20 Jul 2021
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Release date 19 Jul 2021

In Fallen Knight, you'll take on the role of a futuristic descendent of the legendary Lancelot from King Arthur's tale. As Lancelot the 49th, it's your task to take on six unique enemy heroes, each with a dark past of their own. Expect fast-paced, challenging sword action gameplay that punishes you for every mistake -- but also rewards you generously for every victory.

Nostalgia-fuelled platforming

Enjoy a familiar style of gameplay, but with a unique parry and disarm system. As a Knight of the Round Table, killing should be a last resort. Disarm your enemies and parry their attacks as you clear level after level.

Intense boss battles

Take on the colossal bosses who want nothing more than to steal the information you've been sworn to guard. Each boss holds their own challenge and presents their own puzzle to overcome. Are you up to the challenge? Can you live up to your reputation as a Knight of the Round Table?

Multiple endings

Fallen Knight lets you choose the way you play the game. There are multiple endings, determined by the actions you take along the path your journey takes. You can kill your enemies, or exhibit the mercy and honour of a Knight of the Round Table by parrying and disarming them instead. The way you play will lead you to one of several different possible conclusions to the game and story.

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