Fallen: A2P Protocol

PlayStation 4

Fallen: A2P Protocol Trophies

Most Earned

All of us
All of us90TrophyTypeComplete a mission without losing any caravaneers
Bullseye52TrophyTypeKill everyone using only sniper rifles in one mission
Energy Thirsty
Energy Thirsty26TrophyTypeRecharge your caravan's A2P
Flawless Victory
Flawless Victory156TrophyTypeEnd a mission without taking any hits

Least Earned

Vitality30TrophyTypeLevel up all skills in the Vitality Branch
The Butcher
The Butcher90TrophyTypeKill 4 enemies with one attack
Strength30TrophyTypeLevel up all skills in the Strength Branch
Speed30TrophyTypeLevel up all skills in the Agility Branch
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