Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Trophies

Full list of all 30 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force trophies - 8 bronze, 16 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Ultimate Fencer

    Obtained all the trophies. "No one decides my fate except me!"

  • The Journey Begins

    Escaped from the remote prison. "We've come a long way, so the coast should be clear now..."

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  • Where...Are We?

    Arrived in an unfamiliar place. "Where the heck are we?"

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  • Goddess Story Cleared

    Cleared the "Goddess Story." "Seal the Vile God...for good!"

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  • Vile God Story Cleared

    Cleared the "Vile God Story." "If the power I wield can serve some small role in protecting this world..."

  • Evil Goddess Story Cleared

    Cleared the "Evil Goddess Story." "Thank you, Grandfather..."

  • Unsealed Deities

    Pulled every sword from the Vile God and Goddess. "It took a long time but we're finally finished!"

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  • Berserker

    Defeated 10,000 enemies. "There's no way I can stop!"

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  • Tenser Fencer

    Maxed your tension 300 times. "I'm fired up!"

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  • Surging Waves of Fury

    Performed 250 Hits. "I'll...cut you...to shreds!"

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  • A Lengthy Relationship

    Played the game for at least 40 hours. "That sounds like it'd take forever..."

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  • Avalanche Master

    Performed 100 Avalanche Attacks. "We're invincible!"

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  • Air Master

    Performed 100 Air Combos. "There!"

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  • Maximum Firepower

    Dealt 100,000 damage with a single attack. "It's not over yet!"

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  • The World's Strongest

    Reached level 99 with a character. "My coolness is about to reach godly levels."

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  • Gimme a Boost

    Boosted your weapon for the first time. "This is simply the first step."

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  • Fury Meister

    Boosted one of your weapons to its max. "With this, your combat strength has increased drastically! "

  • Bond with Fairy

    Reached level 10 with one of your fairies. "There's still much we don't know about fairies. "

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  • Shukesoo's Eviction

    Cleared all 40 floors of Shukesoo's Tower. "Mwahahahaha!!"

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  • Diligent Worker

    Achieved a Quest Rank of S. "...I shall continue counting on you."

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  • We're In The Money!

    Possessed a total of 5,000,000 Gold. "As usual, I smell the fragrant aroma of money coming from you today! ♪"

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  • Amateur

    Fought 50 battles. "This is nothing!"

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  • Veteran

    Fought 200 battles. "I didn't realize I was so strong."

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  • Professional

    Fought 500 battles. "Fwoooooosh!"

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  • Road of Thorns

    Finished the game on HARD without changing the difficulty. "Your only redeeming trait was how you would never give up. Am I wrong?"

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  • Peaceful Resolution

    With only Pippin, successfully use "Persuade" on all enemies in a 6-enemy party. "True social reform isn't merely concerned with destroying evil as it exists."

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  • Crusher

    Defeated the enemies Devilkin, Iris, and EX Harariel within Shukesoo's Tower only after destroying all of their parts. "I adore shattering human emotions into pieces!"

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  • Male Bonding!?

    Defeated the Imperial Gold Dragon with only a party of 3 or more men (Pippin excluded). "I have absolutely no interest in the female body."

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  • A Woman's Garden

    Defeated Artemis with only a party of 3 or more women (Pippin excluded). "I don't think we should let the boys see this."

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  • Blue Gale

    Continued a Boost Dash for 30 seconds. "The Azure Gale!?"

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