Factotum 90

Factotum 90

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Factotum 90 Trophies

Most Earned

Push The Button
Push The Button15TrophyTypeDepress a pressure plate 100 times.
Digital Chatter
Digital Chatter19TrophyTypeTalk about the weather 100 times.
Flip The Dial
Flip The Dial41TrophyTypeChange Walkers 1000 times.
Reproduceable Results
Reproduceable Results21TrophyTypeEmbrace the vortex 50 times.

Least Earned

Top Secret
Top Secret26TrophyTypeActivate 50 Scan terminals.
Squid Pro Quo
Squid Pro Quo156TrophyTypeSend the Space Squid back home unharmed.
Further Study
Further Study26TrophyTypeStudy 20 Organic Samples.
Bomb Happy
Bomb Happy26TrophyTypeBlow up 100 bombs.
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Limited Run Games Multiple Games Announcement Trailer

Limited Run Games posted a new trailer at E3 for many of their upcoming games planned to be released in physical format -seventeen to be exact.

Posted 1 year ago by Dave Bricker, 6 comments

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