Extensive Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Revealed

New Trailers and Gameplay demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake show off the new combat system, including the new ATB system, as well as more story and the return of Tifa.

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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Drops, Game Launches Next March

At a special Final Fantasy symphonic event down the road from E3, Square Enix finally confirmed the launch date for the Final Fantasy Remake's first episode. There was a brand new trailer to enjoy as well.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Still Arrive in Multiple Parts

Square Enix confirmed that they're having to review a lot of content while bringing the game up to scratch, and this means that they'll be sticking to their original plan of bringing the game to players in multiple parts.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Shown Off in Playstation's State of Play

Leading up to Playstation's State of Play live stream, it was rumoured that Final Fantasy VII Remake would make an appearance. That's exactly what happened, as a new teaser trailer was shown off for the game.

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Final Fantasy VII Rumoured for State of Play – Watch it With Us Tonight

Thanks to some cryptic tweets from both Final Fantasy brand manager Shinji Hashimoto and the Final Fantasy official account, rumours are now building that the title will be shown in Sony's second State of Play episode.

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Pre-E3 Final Fantasy VII Concert Fuels Remake Speculation

Rumours are starting to spread about the possible appearance of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake at E3 after the first ever concert dedicated to Final Fantasy VII was announced to take place on June 9th.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Multiple-Title Compilation Being Considered

During a Q&A for the release of The World Ends With You on Nintendo Switch, producer Tetsuya Nomura made some interesting comments about the repeatedly delayed Final Fantasy VII remake.

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E3 2018's Lost Games: Seven No-Shows We Hoped to See

So E3 was pretty good. We had all kinds of major hitters coming out and looking really good, but spectators may have noticed that some of the players didn't quite make it onto the field. This is their story.

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TT Podcast Episode 37 - Introducing the TT Podcast

This week, we discuss the ethics of reviewing episodic games piecemeal rather than as a singular season long unit. Strap in, things are about to get pretentiously hypothetical!

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Weekend Headlines Feb 17-19th Part 3: Updates, Screenshots and More

Following on from parts 1 and 2, we now have the updates, release dates, screenshots and other details that were also revealed over the three day period.

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