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FIFA Street Trophies

Most Earned

Got any Nutmeg?
Got any Nutmeg?15TrophyTypePanna your first Opponent
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?16TrophyTypeReach the World Tour map screen for the first time
Ultimate Humiliation
Ultimate Humiliation16TrophyTypeScore a goal with a Panna
Very Entertaining
Very Entertaining36TrophyTypeEarn at least 1500 Style Points without losing possession

Least Earned

Online Dominance
Online Dominance324TrophyTypeWin all 9 online cups
Online Cup Champion
Online Cup Champion96TrophyTypeWin any Online Cup
Globetrotter273TrophyTypeIn any game mode win a match/event in every venue
World Tour Around the World
World Tour Around the World76TrophyTypeWin any World Tour tournament Online
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