FIFA 14 Bronze Trophies

Full list of all 42 FIFA 14 trophies - 24 bronze, 15 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum. It takes around 20-25 hours to unlock all of the trophies on PlayStation 4.

  • I Could Do This Every Week

    Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT

  • Passing on the Armband

    Change your captain in FUT

    1 guide
  • Long Term Signing

    Apply a 99 Match Player Contract from the Catalogue to any player in FUT

    1 guide
  • First Mission

    Send a Scout on an Area Scouting mission.

    1 guide
  • Control

    Change your formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during your Career

    1 guide
  • You Got Mail

    Open up your inbox while advancing in Career

    1 guide
  • Bros Gonna Bro

    Start a Co-op Season with a Friend

    1 guide
  • Just Dropped In

    Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs

    1 guide
  • Teamwork

    Win your first seasons match in Pro Clubs

    1 guide
  • Big Game

    Win a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week

    1 guide
  • On My Own

    Complete a Be a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week

    2 guides
  • Thanks, Tips

    Follow a Football Club Recommendation

    1 guide
  • From Me To You

    Gift a Football Club Catalogue item to a Friend

    1 guide
  • It's Mine Now

    Redeem an item from the Football Club Catalogue

    1 guide