FIFA 14 (PS3) Walkthrough


Most players that have played FIFA 12 and/or 13 have reached at least level 15 in those game(s), thus unlocking this trophy once they first boot FIFA 14 up. Players who have not reached level 15 yet, will definitely get it a long time before completing the other trophies in this game. You will get experience for almost anything, playing a match, booting the game up, trading in the FUT or career marketplace, etc. It is recommended not going specifically for experience, since you will get there naturally.

Started From The Bottom… in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Silver Trophy
Reach EA SPORTS Football Club Level 15
  • Unlocked by 9,342 tracked gamers (68% - TT Ratio = 1.20) 13,683

After you have completed a match, right in the centre of the screen, you will receive an advice, recommendations and suggestions, follow one of them to unlock the trophy.

Thanks, Tips in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Bronze Trophy
Follow a Football Club Recommendation
  • Unlocked by 6,737 tracked gamers (49% - TT Ratio = 1.42) 13,683

Same as the trophy above, but now enter in the FUT mode.

Fancy Some FUT? in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Bronze Trophy
Follow a Football Club News & Alert to start or enter FUT
  • Unlocked by 5,867 tracked gamers (43% - TT Ratio = 1.52) 13,683

As for experience, you get coins for a lot of actions in the game. As you level up your EASFC sports level, more items will become available for purchase. Simply buy one item and gift one to a friend to get these two trophies.

You can in fact buy anything you like from the EASFC store. You will earn coins to spend while playing FIFA, so the more you play, the more you can buy. Do make sure though that you buy a 99 matches contract cause you need it for two FUT related trophies.

It's Mine Now in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Bronze Trophy
Redeem an item from the Football Club Catalogue
  • Unlocked by 8,376 tracked gamers (61% - TT Ratio = 1.27) 13,683

Same as the trophy above, but instead of choosing to buy a specific item, choose to give it away to a friend. Just choose a cheap item you don't need yourself.

From Me To You in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Bronze Trophy
Gift a Football Club Catalogue item to a Friend
  • Unlocked by 4,132 tracked gamers (30% - TT Ratio = 1.81) 13,683

For this trophy go to kick-off and pick any team you want, home or away. The team you are playing doesn't matter either but if you want to be a really good team and play a very bad team you can however the method I am about to show you won't have an effect on what team you pick. Then go to game settings, and then User Gameplay Customization.

Now change your Sprint Speed, Acceleration, Shot Speed, and Pass Speed to 100 and change Shot Error and Pass Error to 0. You can change some of the other sliders to go into your favour as well but for me that was enough Then go to CPU Gameplay Customization and do the opposite of what you did to the User Gameplay Customization settings. This means the Sprint Speed, Acceleration, Shot Speed, and Pass Speed should be 0 and Shot Error and Pass error should be 100. Again you can change more of the sliders to make it easier for you but that's what I did. Now your players will run very fast, score almost every shot and complete almost all passes. The computer’s players will run slowly and they won’t complete passes. Now press start match and at the start of the match, score one own goal, and just pass around your defence until half time. Once the second half has started, it should be very easy to score at least two goals, which will result in a win. You could try and go for a perfect hat trick or one of the other miscellaneous trophies in the second half, since it doesn’t matter with how many goals difference you win. Another way you could do this is to just simply play the match on Legendary and let the computer score which shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Then, after they score you can pause the game, go to gameplay settings, and then adjust the sliders like mentioned earlier. Then just complete the game like the other method by just passing around your defence until half time and then easily scoring 2 or more goals in the second half. If you are a very skilled FIFA player you could just play the game on Legendary without adjusting any sliders at all but that is very difficult for most of the FIFA community.

A Legendary Performance in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Silver Trophy
Win a game on Legendary after trailing at half time
  • Unlocked by 2,762 tracked gamers (20% - TT Ratio = 2.22) 13,683

Obviously, you need a friend with the game to get this trophy. If no one on your friend’s list has the game you can set up a gaming session for it. A season of online friendlies consists of a maximum number of *** matches. The season can last a differing number of matches, depending on in what scores the matches played end. Dropping out after you’ve played at least 5 minutes still rewards your friend with 3 points, so in the first season let one player drop out 3 times, and switch in the next season.

Best Friends Forever in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Silver Trophy
Finish a season in Online Friendlies
  • Unlocked by 3,933 tracked gamers (29% - TT Ratio = 1.86) 13,683

Sometimes, together with the daily challenges, may appear.
Also a Professional Challenge; Certain but at times it may not be available, so do it as soon as possible. Play and complete the match and you will unlock the trophy.

On My Own in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Bronze Trophy
On My Own45 (15)
Complete a Be a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week
  • Unlocked by 1,551 tracked gamers (11% - TT Ratio = 2.97) 13,683

Note: Since the start of 2015, no new challenges have appeared. As of now (30 March 2015), this trophy is still discontinued.

Every now and then a match which has taken place on the real pitch is put into the “Game of the week” mode. This is often a match which has already started and the score is somewhat like 1-2 for the opposite team, and you’ll be tasked to win the match. For the “Big Game” trophy, you only have to play the match (this can be on any difficulty). Should be no big deal, 10/15 minutes max. The challenging trophy however, will be more difficult. You have to complete the challenge that you’ve been given, and do so on world class difficulty. My advice is to choose one of the easier ones. Of course look at the teams that play against each other, and I tend to choose a challenge in which I need to score 1 goal in a short period of time over a challenge where I need to score 2 goals in a longer time period. You sometimes get a corner or a free kick at the start of the challenge, use this to your advantage and keep restarting until you score from either two. Once you’ve met the requirements I’d recommend change your formation to a formation with 5 defenders, and go ultra-defensive. Then just pass the ball around your defence until the 90th minute and then kick the ball forward or out of play to end the match. If none of the Games of the week of a certain week are doable in your opinion, you can always wait until those are over and new ones show up. (you can see for how long the challenge still lasts). Play a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week

Big Game in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Bronze Trophy
Big Game37 (15)
Play a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week
  • Unlocked by 2,220 tracked gamers (16% - TT Ratio = 2.48) 13,683

Challenging in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Silver Trophy
Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty
  • Unlocked by 1,262 tracked gamers (9% - TT Ratio = 3.29) 13,683

Note: Since the start of 2015, no new challenges have appeared. As of now (30 March 2015), this trophy is still discontinued.

Unlocks after completing one challenge on the bronze, silver and gold (first 3 stages) stage. You will unlock this trophy on your way to the "Legendary" trophy.

So Skilled in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Bronze Trophy
So Skilled20 (15)
Unlock a single Skill Challenge in Skill Games
  • Unlocked by 7,515 tracked gamers (55% - TT Ratio = 1.34) 13,683

For this trophy, you need to complete the first two stages (Bronze and Silver) of all the 7 skill games. I advise you to use a player with overall good statistics, to make it easier for you. For example use Messi (Barcelona) or Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid). I will give a short description of each challenge and how you can complete it. If you don't find this helpful enough, and you get stuck on a challenge, you can look a video up for the challenge on Youtube. There's plenty of videos of each challenge on there.

Ground Pass

Bronze (5,000)
You have to pass the ball in the little goals. Once the ball is passed to you, first slowly let the player take control of the ball. Then make sure the arrow is pointing in the right direction (of the yellow goal), and press cn_X to pass the ball. For goals closer to you, just tap cn_X shortly. For goals further away hold cn_X for a while. You get 12 attempts to shoot in 7 goals. 500 points per goal, and you get bonus points for not having to use attempts. Just take your time, even though there is a timer. Missing once or twice and scoring with the rest of your passes should easily bring you over 5,000 points.

Silver (4,000)
Same as in the Bronze Ground pass challenge, you have to score by passing into little goals. Only now there are moving defenders. Don't pay too much attention to these defenders. You'll hit one every once in a while. Just make sure that you pass the ball towards the right goal. As for the bronze one, take your time to aim towards the right goal. Again 500 points per goal, -200 points if you hit a defender, and you'll get bonus points based on the amount of attempts you have left.

Advanced ground pass

Bronze (8,000)
For the Bronze Advanced ground pass challenge, you have to keep passing from 1 player to the other. Try not to hit the iron bars, those give you minus points. Every successful pass nets you around 1000 points, and afterwards, you have to try and score a goal. For the part in which you have to pass, just aim in the direction of the blue arrow. Try to pass very softly, because this will make it easier to pass back and forth. If you manage to do the passing part correctly, you should already have around 12,000 points. For the part where you have to score, wait for the defender to close in on the player with the ball, then pass the ball to the other player. Shoot with this player in the corner furthest away from him, by using cn_R1+cn_S.

Silver (7,000)
You have to pass back and forth with your teammates, but you may only hit the ball once with each pass this time. Make sure you have pressed A and aimed in the right direction, before the player has the ball in possession. Your main focus is to have the ball going back and forth between the players, second focus is doing this by passing the ball through the two right pawns. This is where you get the points for. Again there is a part where you can shoot at the goal for extra points, but doing the passing part is the easiest and shoot be well enough to get you over 7,000. 9,000 points is easily doable by just doing the passing part.


Bronze (5,000)
You have to move inside the box created with the 4 pawns. From there you have to shoot at the target hanging inside the goal. Shoot using cn_R1+cn_S. Tap cn_S if you want to hit the lower targets, and hold cn_S for just a split second if you want to hit the higher targets. Of course also aim with the cn_LS towards the corner in which you want to hit the targets. You have attempts. Hitting all 4 targets within 7 attempts will bring you well over 5,000 points.

Silver (5000)
Again you have to shoot at 4 targets hanging in the goal. For the silver challenge however, a machine will cross the ball to you, and you are only allowed to hit the ball once. For this challenge I prefer to only use cn_S to shoot, and cn_LS to aim. Make sure you have released cn_S before the ball is near your player. Again just tap cn_S for the lower targets and hold cn_S for the higher targets. Don't pay too much attention to the moving defender. Hitting 3 targets in the 7 attempts should be enough to complete this challenge. This shouldn't be too challenging.

Advanced shooting

Bronze (6,000)
For this challenge, you have to shoot from a certain box. There is always a target hanging, or a bottle in the goal, or both. Scoring should get you 1,000 points, hitting the target between 1,000 and 3,000 points, and hitting a bottle should get you 2,500 points. Always shoot with cn_L1+cn_S in this challenge. There is a always a wall of players or a wall of boxes blocking your way for a straight shot. You can complete this challenge with just scoring goals, but try to hit at least one bottle or a target, because they give quite a lot of points. Hitting one target or bottle and scoring 3 goals, should nearly always if not always get you to at least 6,000 points.

Silver (12,000)
A machine will cross the ball to you. You can either choose to shoot immediately and touch the ball just once, or you can choose to first take control of the ball and choose you corner carefully. You will get respectively 2,300 and 600 points for scoring with these two approaches. Besides you get points for hitting the boxes which are in the goal. If the goalkeeper comes running towards you, try and lob the ball in the goal with cn_L1+cn_S (and just touching the ball once). Otherwise try and aim for a corner with cn_R1+cn_S (and also just touching the ball once). I found this approach to getting points better because scoring in this way nets you almost four times as much points, compared to when you touch the ball more than once. If you manage to score 4-5 goals(by just touching the ball once) in the 15 attempts you have, you should make it to 12,000 points. If you just need less than a thousand points, you can always try to score the last few attempts with touching the ball more than once and picking your corner carefully. This should be a goal in 90% of the cases if done correctly.


Bronze (12,000)
You have to dribble though a set of poles, each with a bottle on top of it. Hitting the pole, and thereby dropping the bottle, will cost you -1,000 points. The key to completing this challenge is not making turns like a V, but rather manoeuvring in an almost straight line. The faster you go through the poles, the more points you get. If you need your player to slow down, hold cn_L1. You can also shoot at the goal after the dribbling to try and hit one of the boxes, to get an additional 2,000 points. This challenge will be a bit challenging to complete. Again, it is possible to get to 12,000 points without hitting the box in the goal. Manoeuvring through the poles, without hitting any, should be enough to get 10,000-12,000 points (if done at a decent pace). There is also a possibility of earning 0-2,000 bonus points for completing the challenge with some spare time. So if you manage to get through the poles with a decent score, run to the penalty box, and try and shoot very softly in one of the corners. If you either hit one of the boxes, or you completed the challenge at a decent pace, you should have over 12,000 points. Again, it may take some tries to complete this challenge.

Silver (8,000)
For this challenge, you have to dribble past a line of moving defenders. Hitting a defender will end the challenge. My advise is to not use to cn_L1, just in cases you really need it. If you get to 2-3 defenders from the end, you should have gained enough points to get over 8,000. Move mainly through the middle, because you can go left or right if you have to avoid a defender. Don't try and go past one defender by one. You won't make it this way. Just keep moving, just focus on the defender that's on the grey line you are currently on and focus on the 1-2 defenders that are ahead of you. By using this tactic, I can easily make it past the first +- 10 defenders. After that, the defenders will move at a higher speed, thus making it a little harder. As I mentioned. You won't have to make it past the last defender, to get to 8,000 points. 2-3 defenders from the last, you can already have 8,000 points.

Advanced Dribbling

Bronze (7,000)
You have to dribble through a course for this challenge. The first part shouldn't be too hard. Run from the start to the right, sometimes you have to turn back and run the other way. Just follow the arrows. The part where there are two pawns with an iron bar laying over it, you have to push the ball ahead of you, and your player will jump over the iron bars, if he doesn't have control over the ball. Use cn_RS to let the player push the ball ahead, and simply run/walk to the bar, you don't have to press anything to jump. After that you have to slalom through some boxes. You can run over one or two, you will easily make it to 7,000. Use cn_L1 to slow down if you need to. After that have a shot at the goal (cn_R1+cn_S and aim at the corner in the goal furthest away from your player) You should complete this one within one or two tries.

Silver (5,000)
For this challenge, you must try to stay ahead of a machine controlled player. Each time you're ahead of him, you score points. Each time He's ahead of you, you lose points. As for the Bronze Dribbling challenge (regular dribbling, not advanced), try to run almost in a straight line. This way you will keep most of your speed. If you miss a set of pawns, restart. If you made it to the other end of the pitch, and are either ahead or just behind the machine controlled player, follow the arrows to go back towards the side of the pitch you came from. Run the first part in a straight line. Use cn_RS for the part where there's 3 iron bars laying on top of pawns, and race to the finish. This challenge is a bit more challenging, but as long as you're 90+% of the time ahead of the machine controlled player, you will make it to 5000 points.

Lob Pass

Bronze (6,000)
There's 5 constructions of boxes, and you have 7 attempts to score as many points, by hitting these bins. If you want to hit boxes further away and/or boxes that are higher up, hold cn_L1+cn_O. For boxes that are closer or lower, also hold cn_L1, but hold cn_O just for a few split-seconds, or just tap cn_O.

For the one (construction of boxes) situated furthest on the left, aim for the largest box, the top one. It is quite hard to hit the lower ones, and they're not worth the attempt. Hitting the highest box should also get you points for the bottles that are on top. For construction number 2 and 5(2nd from left and the one furthest to the right), just try and hit them. Don't aim for something specifically. For the construction in the middle, try and aim for the lowest middle box, which will cause most of the construction to fall. For the construction 2nd from right, also aim for the lowest box, this will also cause the entire construction to fall. If you have one or two attempts left, use them to try and hit some more boxes, that you think are easiest to hit. It should be quite easy to get yourself to 6,000 points.

Silver (20,000)
This is in my opinion the hardest skill challenge in the game. There's a lot of bins, each giving you points for lobbing into them. Again, use cn_L1+cn_O. For the first 3 attempts, try and lob into the (one of the) 3 bins closest to you. Lobbing into them in a row without missing will build up a combo. First lob will give 400 points, second 800, and third 1,200 points. After a while you will get better at holding cn_O for the right amount of time. If you miss one of your first 3 lobs, restart. If you "score" all 3 lobs, try and lob into one of the two sets of bins closest to the goal (one of the 2 x 9 boxes closest to the goal, and furthest away from you). You will have to hold cn_O until the bar is filled up completely, or almost completely. You will also need to have a little luck, by succeeding into lobbing into one of these bins. If you do succeed, you will get roughly between 15,000 and 25,000 points. For the remainder of your attempts try and lob into the 3 "easy" bins, situated closest to you. You will probably need to try a lot of times before you succeed. Just keep trying.


Bronze (2,000)
You will have to hit carton boxes again, for this challenge. There's 4 groups of carton boxes. Knocking over most of 3/4 constructions, will get you to 2,000 points. You have six attempts, you aim carefully, preferably for the boxes situated lowest, because they will knock the rest of the boxes with them. Not a difficult challenge, just take your time to aim.

Silver (12,000)
There's 3 large targets, two defenders, and a box in this challenge. Hitting one of the defenders will decrease your score by 500. Hitting the targets can get you anywhere from 3,000 to +- 7,000 points per target. Go just for the targets, the box is quite hard to get points from. Aim just ahead of the targets, because they move, try and hit the target in the middle, because it gives you more points. Just hitting all 3 targets should get you 9,000-21,000 points. Just try and hit one of them well in the middle, and you're good if you just hit the other two, no matter where you hit them.


Bronze (2,000)
There's 4 defenders, each trying to reach the other side. They start running when you're getting close to them. You have to take the ball from them before they exit the square field. I prefer using sliding tackles, to take the ball from the defenders. Time your tackles well, run from defender to defender. If you take the ball from all 4 defenders, you should be over 2,000 points. As long as you time your sliding tackles well, this should be quite easy to complete.

Silver (2,000)
Same challenge as the bronze Defending challenge, but now the players with the ball don't run in a straight line, they try and evade your tackles. For this challenge I prefer the normal tackle (cn_S). You sometimes fail to take the ball away from your opponent, and using this tackle will enable you to try again in most cases. If a player exits the square field, you have failed the challenge. You get 200 points per tackle, and some bonus points based on how fast you completed the challenge. I advise you to run towards the next player with a ball each time, until he is a couple of meters away from you. Then let him decide whether he wants to go past you on your left or on your right, and then try and tackle him. This will be easier if you are not running, therefore don't run and try and tackle your opponents, unless you've failed on your first try to tackle him, and you're chasing him. In this case do run and try and tackle him, before he exits the square field. You might need to give this challenge a couple of tries. Just winning the ball from all four players is not always enough to reach 2,000 points. Therefore hurry when you can.

Advanced Defending

Bronze (4,000)
This challenge will have a 2 vs 2 situation. You will need to stop two players trying to score, with two defenders. Again, try and anticipate on the strikers that might evade your tackles your sliding tackle. You have to win the ball 3 times, out of four attempts. Winning the ball on the first 3 attempts, should net you well over 4,000 points. Even if you miss one, you can still easily make it over 4,000. You get 1,000 points per successful tackle, and an extra bonus based on your time and attempts left.

Silver (4,000)
This challenge features a 1 vs 1 situation. You get six attempts to try and prevent the attacker from scoring. Again let the striker decide on what side he wants to try and pass you, and then try and tackle him. You will again get 1,000 points for a successful tackle. Three successful tackles will get you 3,000 points, so 1 or 2 attempts left will be enough for the remaining 1,000 points, in most of the cases.


Bronze (3,000)
You get 2,000 points for a save. Saving consecutive penalties will build you a combo. Just look where the blue circle moves to, and use cn_RS to dive in the correct corner. Should be very easy. You have six attempts to save 2.

Silver (6,000)
You have 10 attempts to score points. You have to kick/throw the ball with your keeper. Just hitting one of the two targets on each side of the pitch will get you 2x1,500 points. For the remainder of your attempts try and hit the carton boxes. You should have plenty of tries to get another 3,000 points. Preferably hit one of the lower boxes. This will cause the entire construction to fall down. This challenge should be doable in 1-2 tries.

Free Kicks

Bronze (10,000)
You have to hit 4 targets in a goal. There's a moving wall to make things a little harder for you. Wait until the wall is on the other side, to take your shot. You have 7 attempts. You can get to roughly 8,000 points by just hitting the targets. You need to have some spare time and at least one attempt left to make it to 10,000 points. You might need to practice a little with aiming in free kicks, because it's different from aiming with regular shots. This challenge shouldn't take too much tries, though.

Silver (7,500)
Again, you have to hit targets in the goal. For the 4 targets that are on ground level, use cn_L1+cn_S, to shoot underneath the wall (Your player won't lob the ball, because it's in a free kick). For the 2 targets that are hanging underneath the bar, you only have to hit one of the two to reach 7,500 points. It's possible to hit both, but the one on the left is easier for a left footed player (like Messi). Try and curve the ball around the wall, by using cn_S to shoot, and once the player starts moving towards the ball, use cn_LSr the give the ball a little curve to the right. It can be a bit challenging to hit the targets on top. You can try and hit one of those first. If you succeed shoot the 4 lower once. If you don't try again.


Bronze (7,300)
You have 10 attempts, and there's 9 targets. Hitting 7 of those should be enough to reach 7,300 points. Press cn_S once the moving line is in the middle(green area). Pressing cn_S once the line is in the red area will cause the penalty to be shot over the goal in most situations. After you pressed cn_S, use cn_LS to steer the blue circle towards one of the targets. Repeat this for at least 6 others, and you should be good.

Silver (5,000)
For the last skill challenge, you have to shoot inside bins again. For the top one in the middle, you can just shoot into it with cn_S. For the 3 lower once, you have to lob into them with cn_L1+cn_S. You might need to practice a few times, to hold cn_S for the right amount of time. You've got 10 attempts to score inside all 4 of these bins. You should have at least 40 seconds left, as long as you don't wait too long to take a penalty. These 40+ seconds together with the points for scoring in all 4 bins should be enough to complete this challenge.

Silver Lining in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Silver Trophy
Complete the Silver stage of all Skill Games
  • Unlocked by 1,516 tracked gamers (11% - TT Ratio = 3.00) 13,683

If you’ve got some friends with this game, you will most likely get this while completing every challenge to the silver stage. If you don’t have any friends with the game or they’re just too good, use a silver account to set a really weak score and beat it with your main account afterwards.

Skills to Pay the Bills in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Silver Trophy
Beat a Friend’s score in Skill Games
  • Unlocked by 6,047 tracked gamers (44% - TT Ratio = 1.50) 13,683

After completing all challenges on the bronze and silver stages, you have to go for the legendary rank on one of them. There's one stage between silver and legendary, gold, which you have to complete first. During the game, when you are completing the challenges on bronze and silver, try to see what challenges you find easier to complete. Then choose at least one and see if you can complete it on legendary. In case you can't decide what challenge you want to focus on, I'll discuss the one I found easiest to complete on legendary, goalkeeping.

Goalkeeping Gold (5,000)
You've got to score 5,000 points, by preventing strikers and midfielders from scoring. Each time they score, you lose points. If you save a ball or tackle them, you gain points. If they fail to score, but you didn't touch the ball either, you will gain 100 points. Sometimes when you save more than 1 in a row, you get more than 1,000 points. Basically, you have to save 4/5 out of the 7 attempts. Don't wait on the goal line to let the defenders have a choice of scoring in the right or in the left corner of the goal. Move towards them, making it harder for them to score. Perform a dive/save with cn_S. Keep trying, there's some luck involved. It might be helpful to look at a visual guide, the video below features all 4 stages of the goalkeeping skill challenge, and is made by csupasziiv.

Goalkeeping Legendary (21,000)
You’ve got to score 21,000 points. For 80 seconds machines will shoot balls at your goal. Each time boxes inside the goal are hit, and/ or a goal is scored, you will lose points. Every save grants you 1200 points. Therefore, you need to make at least +- 20 saves. You will most likely save the ones that are shot from furthest away. The closer ones will often go in. Therefore it is best to position yourself for each shot (if possible).

Some tips are:
- Hold cn_L2 and cn_R2 to let your goalkeeper position himself in the perfect way.
- If you can’t save a ball, and you know beforehand, don’t dive. This way you have a higher chance of saving the ball after.
- Try and stay away from the goal line, or at least don’t dive/walk backwards once you are. The last thing you’d want to do is run over the boxes yourself.

If you don't feel comfortable with playing as a goalkeeper, you can always try and go for another challenge. There's 12 other challenges on which you can get your trpphy. The crossing and the advanced dribbling challenges are also doable on legendary, but in my opinion, those are a little harder.

Legendary in FIFA 14 (PS3)
Gold Trophy
Legendary204 (90)
Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges in Skill Games
  • Unlocked by 2,655 tracked gamers (19% - TT Ratio = 2.26) 13,683

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