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TT Podcast 46 - Catsup!

After a couple of quick weeks, the team sits down to make up for the parts you've been missing. Yay bonus trivia! Also, Kingdom Hearts III has a release date, as does GT Sport. Telltale announces several new seasons.

Posted 4 years ago by Brandon Fusco

FIFA 14 Servers to be Shut Down in October

Despite millions of players enjoying sports titles every year, they're a ticking time bomb as far as discontinued trophies go. EA has announced FIFA 14 will be having its online services shut down come October.

Posted 4 years ago by Kelly Packard

EU - This Week's PS Store Update Sept 11, 2014 The Netflix app is now available in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria for PS4 and PS3

Posted 7 years ago by Shadow Enz

EU - Even more additions to the Summer Sale

When we reported on the massive Summer Sale going on in Europe, we also mentioned that there'd be updates to the list since that time. Last week, we reported the updated list of PS4 additions to the

Posted 7 years ago by Shadow Enz

North America Playstation Plus - June 17th, 2014 Don't forget to check out the Only On Playstation sale that's going on starting with today's store update. Members are getting Terraria for the Vit

Posted 7 years ago by Shadow Enz

FIFA 14 World Cup Update Now Available

After a last minute delay, the FIFA 14 World Cup Update is now available. Yesterday, the World Cup Kick off mode was released for download on thePlaystation 4. Players on both the Playstation 3 and P

Posted 7 years ago by Rebecca Smith

FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup Delayed

Many of you would have been expecting the world cup update for FIFA 14. Unfortunately, there's some bad news on that front. The "Ultimate Team:World Cup" and "World Cup Kick-Off" modes have been dela

Posted 7 years ago by MegsonGrove

FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup Update

I'm sure that every football fan in the world knows what is just around the corner. The World Cup starts in just a couple of weeks and, in preparation for that, FIFA 14 has a new announcement to get

Posted 7 years ago by MegsonGrove

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