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In Quick Race mode you can tailor every aspect of each race to your liking, as well as custom build a race series on any combination of unique circuits. You can earn all Quick Race trophies in either of the 2014 or 2015 seasons so there will be no need to switch, and there is only one trophy that is specific to one circuit. As you build up your lap count in this mode you can also focus on making the best progress you can towards trophies which are not mode-specific.

To get started, from the main menu select Quick Race to take you to the circuit selection screen. By completing Time Trial mode, you will have clocked up at least 20 laps per continent on circuits in Europe and Asia, but you still need more laps in Australia, North America and South America, so these continents will have your initial focus, along with Europe's Monaco circuit. So, for each of the following circuits, scroll to highlight them, and press cn_S to add them to the race series.

  • Australia
  • Monaco
  • Canada
  • Brazil

Once you have built up the four race series, advance to the Team Selection screen. Although not strictly necessary, to ensure your A.I. driver teammate has the best chance to run in 2nd place behind, you can choose the form team of 2014-15, and also the default selection - Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. Then advance to the Driver Selection screen and you can choose either driver - Lewis Hamilton (world champion in 2014) or Nico Rosberg (runner-up in 2014). Finally advance to the Session Options screen. Here you need to tweak a few settings to minimise your time spent in Quick Race mode - so configure as follows:

  • Practice > None
  • Qualifying > One-Shot Qualifying
  • Race Distance > 3 Laps
  • Weather > Clear

Then select Race Settings and within configure as follows:

  • A.I. Driver Level > Very Easy
  • Flashbacks > On
  • Parc Fermé Rules > Off
  • Vehicle Damage > Off

Back out of Race Settings, then select Assists. Here you can configure your preferred assists options just how you had them back in Time Trial mode. Back out again, then select Start Session to get your first quick race started.

After the loading screen, you will be sitting in your car in the team garage and you will be passed a tablet with your tyre selection for one-shot qualifying. Given you have selected clear weather previously, the default select of the Option Tyre is always the best choice, and so you can advance immediately to go to the track. On track you will be nearing the end of the previous lap, just like for Time Trial mode, with the lights going out to indicate when you are in control of the car. As you pass the start/finish line, you will be racing the ghost car of the fastest other driver on the lap (also represented by the smaller dot on the mini circuit map). Your progressive position throughout the lap is also displayed at the top left of screen. One of your goals in this mode is to earn ten pole positions (that is, first position on the starting grid for the main race), so make sure you end the lap ahead of all other drivers. If you hit a wall or miss a corner that slows you down too much, make use of the flashback feature to undo your mistake. To use a flashback, press the touch pad which takes you into a replay of roughly the last 15 seconds of your driving. You can play or pause by pressing cn_X, and press cn_L2 and cn_R2 to rewind and fast-forward respectively. Pause the footage at the point at which you wish to resume control, then press cn_S to do so.

Once your lap is complete, you will be taken to the Qualifying Results screen. If your driver is in first place, you have reached your goal and can advance to the race. If however, you have qualified in second place or worse, you should opt to Restart, selecting Okay to confirm and put in an improved lap time that clinches first place.

Next you are out on the first row of the grid, surrounded by your crew and the media. You can get straight into racing by selecting Start Race - you are about to unlock two more trophies. Max out the throttle prior to the lights going out and despite spinning your wheels on launch, you should hold your front position into the first corner. After getting settled into the lead and when you are in between turns, press cn_start to bring up the Pause menu, and select Save or Load a Mid Session Save, then select Save. You are returned to the Pause menu. Now again select Save or Load a Mid Session Save, then select Load. This will unlock...

You are now in flashback footage after the loading the race from a save, so you can continue the race having selected a safe point at which to resume control. Now stay in the lead for the rest of the first lap. On the second lap, slow down a bit so that the second place driver can overtake and lead the race. You can then sit in second place, staying close to the leader, for the rest of the second lap. Now on the third and final lap, speed up again and overtake the leader to earn the race victory, and unlock...

Now you should complete the remaining three races at Monaco, Canada and Brazil, gaining pole positions and leading the race from start to finish. You should also try to make every lap a clean lap, so stay on track and, given it is a racing scenario, avoid any contact with other drivers. Quite likely after winning in Monaco (assuming your teammate placed well enough), but definitely after winning in Canada, you will have earned 75 constructors' points to unlock...

With that race series completed, race an identical series again twice over with the same four circuits, ensuring you take pole position and win the race every time. During the third time through the series, the Monaco race will be your tenth pole position, and your third Quick Race win at Monaco, thus unlocking both...

After three wins at Monaco, you no longer need to race there in this mode, but there are still a few laps needed on the other three continents. Set up a similar series again, identically configured in terms of Session Options, but this time leave Monaco out, so the circuit lineup becomes:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Brazil

Race this series through twice. Depending on whether or not you have a perfect record of clean laps in Quick Race mode so far, in Australia on the first series, or shortly thereafter, you will have reached your total of 50 clean laps, therefore unlocking...

As you race the series through for a second time, you will reach 20 laps in Australia, North America and South America, so while racing in Brazil, you will unlock...

  • Continental Circus

    Drive at least 20 laps on a track in each continent, in any game mode.

    Continental Circus
    2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerVersus

Now it is time to start the grind towards a total of 150 leading laps and 200 total laps. So to begin with you can combine this with time spent on the Silverstone circuit by doing a single race of 100% distance (52 laps) in Britain. Make sure to alter this to 100% via the Session Options screen. With this being your first longer race, you will need to make (most likely) two pit stops. Listen out for your race engineer who will tell you to enter the pits at the end of the current lap. If you have the racing line option turned on, an alternate blue-coloured racing line will appear as you get close to the pit lane entry point. Make sure you follow it to make all pit stops when required. This race will take you roughly 85 minutes including the qualifying lap. At the finish of this race, your cumulative time spent on Silverstone will be about 167 minutes, meaning about 13 minutes remaining.

To satisfy the 13 minutes still needed, you can do a single race of 25% full distance (which equates to 13 laps) in Britain, again with a qualifying lap. Your progress will be at around 93% when you start the race, until you finally unlock...

With your Silverstone minutes complete, you can next focus on getting your leading and total laps for Quick Race mode done in the fastest way possible, and that way is by racing in Austria - it has the quickest lap time of any circuit in the game. It also contributes to the 500 total laps you need in Europe. A 100% distance race in Austria is 71 laps, and you need another 61 laps to finish off your Quick Race mode trophies, so it is a pretty good fit.

Put in a qualifying lap to get pole position so you can increase your lead lap count from the start of the race, and again you will need to pay attention to making pit stops along the way. About 41 laps into the race, you will have been leading for a total of 150 laps in Quick Race mode and will unlock...

  • Pack Leader

    Stay out in 1st place for 150 laps in Quick Race mode.

    Pack Leader
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Then as you near the end of the race, at about lap 61, you will unlock your final trophy in Quick Race mode...

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