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This walkthrough will take you through the game in a systematic order, aiming to unlock all possible trophies in a straight-forward, logical and time-efficient manner.

There are five different modes of racing in the game, all with their own set of trophies. Four of the modes will prove no trouble for racers of any skill and experience level. In these modes any game settings and driver assists are allowed (with occasional exceptions) so the trophies are easy, but some will just take time to grind through the requirements. There are also seven trophies that either allow or require progress to be made across multiple game modes. Regardless of your skill and experience, you can be confident in unlocking all the trophies in the game.


In this walkthrough I will cover each of the game modes in the order that will be most beneficial to a gamer brand new to F1 racing games, and playing through the early modes will makes things a bit easier for them in the later modes. If you have previous experience in F1 games and already know most of the circuits then you can jump between modes freely as you desire with minimal impact to your completion time for the game as a whole.

Time Trial - "Set blistering lap times and prove yourself against the world's quickest" - 10 trophies

You pick a circuit and set clean laps (i.e. avoid collisions with barriers and do not cut corners) to record a time. There are no minimum times to meet, it is simply all about completing clean laps across various combinations of circuits, teams and weather conditions.

Quick Race - "Race a single circuit or create a custom season" - 6 trophies

Race against A.I. drivers, and as the above blurb from the game menu says, you can choose one race at a time or customise a season of any number of races, with all customisation options for practice, qualifying and race distance, amongst others, available to you.

Championship Season - "Compete against the giants of Formula One to become world champion" - 11 trophies

Choose a team, driver and either the 2014 or 2015 season and then qualify and race against A.I. drivers in all 19 Grands Prix to win both the drivers' and constructors' championships. By winning 14-15 rounds you will be able to safely skip the other rounds to save time.

Multiplayer - "Compete in a preset event or create your own custom season" - 8 trophies

Race against other players over the PlayStation Network. There are beginner, standard and hardcore "Hopper" lobbies with preset session options, you must complete one race in each of them. All other trophies can be obtained in any lobby - public or private.

Pro Season - "The ultimate championship challenge - full races, quickest rivals, no assists" - 3 trophies

Race in an F1 season (the vast majority of races can be skipped) locked in to the most difficult combination of options possible. This is the one mode for which all the trophies may not be within reach for many racers - you are locked into the cockpit camera view, with manual gearbox and no driver assists, racing full length races against the highest difficulty A.I. drivers. If you have previous experience and are comfortable with such limitations in other racing games then you should not have too much trouble with Pro Season mode, otherwise the learning curve is very steep.

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