F1 2010 Walkthrough

5. Multiplayer


Once you've completed Grand Prix and Season mode, the only thing left is Online. The trophies here are very standard, one for being a considerate driver and three for just reaching the required ranks. When you first start playing you'll want to do the Grand Prix type. This is not the fastest way to get XP but you'll need to do it for an trophy so it's best to get it out of the way first.

Grand Prix mode consists of a 15 minute practice session and a 7 lap race meaning that most of the time the qualifying goes on for longer than the race. People who play this game type are usually a bit better but it's still fairly easy to win one of these races unless you are unfortunate enough to end up against a real racing legend. Sadly there is no way to skip the qualifying however it's not even necessary to complete it. Given the way most people drive online, you've got as much chance winning from first as you do from last. More so in fact since everyone always crashes into the back of the pole position driver when they brake for the first corner. If you are struggling you can actually get this with a friend by setting up a private match. However it takes around 30 minutes each so you'll both need some free time.

A true gent in F1 2010
Bronze Trophy
You completed a multiplayer race without making contact with an opponent
  • Unlocked by 1,650 tracked gamers (38% - TT Ratio = 1.63) 4,396

Taking it online in F1 2010
Bronze Trophy
You have beaten the rest to win your first online ranked Grand Prix
  • Unlocked by 550 tracked gamers (13% - TT Ratio = 2.82) 4,396

Once you've completed those three, it's time to grind your way to the top rank of Level 50. This requires 1,000,000XP. Sprint is the fastest way to do this unless you plan to boost with a friend (which isn't faster but easier). Most people play sprint and it's not uncommon to get the max amount of people, twelve, in one race. Here's a breakdown of all the ranks and the XP you'll need to get them.

Rank 01: 1
Rank 02: 500
Rank 03: 1,000
Rank 04: 2,000
Rank 05: 3,000
Rank 06: 4,000
Rank 07: 5,500
Rank 08: 7,000
Rank 09: 8,500
Rank 10: 10,000
Rank 11: 12,500
Rank 12: 15,000
Rank 13: 17,500
Rank 14: 20,000
Rank 15: 23,000
Rank 16: 26,000
Rank 17: 29,000
Rank 18: 32,000
Rank 19: 36,000
Rank 20: 40,000
Rank 21: 45,000
Rank 22: 50,000
Rank 23: 55,000
Rank 24: 60,000
Rank 25: 70,000
Rank 26: 80,000
Rank 27: 90,000
Rank 28: 100,000
Rank 29: 110,000
Rank 30: 120,000
Rank 31: 140,000
Rank 32: 160,000
Rank 33: 180,000
Rank 34: 200,000
Rank 35: 230,000
Rank 36: 260,000
Rank 37: 290,000
Rank 38: 320,000
Rank 39: 360,000
Rank 40: 400,000
Rank 41: 450,00
Rank 42: 500,000
Rank 43: 550,000
Rank 44: 600,000
Rank 45: 650,000
Rank 46: 700,000
Rank 47: 750,000
Rank 48: 800,000
Rank 49: 900,000
Rank 50: 1,000,000

To check your current XP you can look at the leaderboard which gives you a lot of statistics. In a two person race you'll get around 500XP for coming first. The more people there are in the race then the more you get. If they are higher levels then you will get even more for beating them but that makes less of a difference then simply having lots of people in the race. If you come second you'll get roughly 80% of the XP the person in first gets. 3rd gets around 65%, 4th 55%, 5th 50% and it trails off towards 45% of the XP gained from the person in first. Coming last place in a race of twelve people will get you more XP than coming first in a race of two people so it's always good to stick around. Having said that, people are always quitting in this game but luckily you still get all the XP you'd normally get and the race is cut short if everyone leaves (but you still need to complete the lap you are on). Coming first ahead of eleven people will get you around 3.5 times the amount of XP you'd get from beating one person like your friend if you are boosting this with someone's help. What assists you put on makes no difference to the amount of XP gained. If you're playing other game types like Endurance where the length of the race is 20% of what it normally would be in real life, you only get a small increase in XP even though its often three times as long as a Sprint race. Coming first in qualifying in the other two game types will get you some healthy XP if that's how you want to do it but even then it can't compete with Sprint.

To get 100,000XP which is a tenth of what you need took me around 5 days of playing. However I was really committed and putting in a lot of hours every day (6+ hours) so it might not go as well for you. In short then to reach Level 50 takes around two months of solid gameplay.

Perfect 10 in F1 2010
Bronze Trophy
Perfect 1030 (15)
You've achieved online ranking level 10
  • Unlocked by 1,087 tracked gamers (25% - TT Ratio = 2.01) 4,396

2 and 5 in F1 2010
Silver Trophy
2 and 583 (30)
You've achieved online ranking level 25
  • Unlocked by 574 tracked gamers (13% - TT Ratio = 2.76) 4,396

Nifty 50 in F1 2010
Gold Trophy
Nifty 50376 (90)
You've achieved online ranking level 50
  • Unlocked by 251 tracked gamers (6% - TT Ratio = 4.18) 4,396

Complete in F1 2010
Platinum Trophy
Complete863 (180)
Congratulations. You've completed F1 2010™
  • Unlocked by 191 tracked gamers (4% - TT Ratio = 4.79) 4,396

So there you have it. You've unlocked all the trophies in F1 2010. Congratulations!

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