F1 2010 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Difficulty Settings

I'll start by explaining what each assist does when it is turned on and then whether it loses or saves you time when it is on. I'll then explain why this is the case.

Driving Assists

Braking Assist

The game brakes for you. This loses you time. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are a beginner.


The wheels never lock up. This loses you time. Mastering this allows you to brake harder and later than you can with it off. However, you run the risk of locking the brakes. This is one of the last assists you should take off.

Traction Control

The car is less prone to spinning out. This saves you time. With TC on full it's difficult to spin the car. On Medium you can spin it if you want to and making a mistake will spin the car. With it off altogether you cannot full throttle out of most corners or you will spin.

Dynamic Racing Line

There are green and red arrows on the track indicating the racing line and when to accelerate and brake. This loses you time. There are many points where it will tell you to brake when a good line allows you to go full throttle. It also has you brake earlier than you need to.


The car changes gear for you. This loses you time. The automatic gearbox doesn't like to change down gears at some corners and often changes up on straights before you need to.

Pit Limiter

The car will apply the limiter automatically. This loses you time. The limiter is always applied well in advance of the limiter line. This doesn't prevent you from speeding in the pit lane on all tracks.

Pit Box Control

The car will brake for the pit box and never overshoot. This loses you time. The car slows for the pit box before it needs to.

Simulation Options

Rules and Flags

The game uses the same rules the sport does and won't hold back from giving you penalties. This loses you time. With it set to reduced you can get away with contact and moderate corner cutting.

Tyre Simulation

You have a limited amount of tyres for the entire weekend. This loses you time. With it turned on it stops you from using Option tyres all weekend and switching the Prime just the one time during the race.

Fuel Simulation

The car starts each race full of fuel and very heavy. This loses you time. With it switched off the cars are always lighter than they are with it on so the handling is improved.

Car Damage Simulation

Cars take damage in a more realistic way. This loses you time. With it on full various parts of the car can be damaged and you can even wreck the car in large accidents. With it on visual only the car will take damage but will be unaffected. With it off the car is invincible.

Game Options

AI Difficulty Level

Amateur is the easiest, then Intermediate, then Professional and finally Legend. The harder you make them the faster the AI cars will go.


You can have a maximum of four flashbacks that you can trigger at any time during the race and any time after your out-lap in both practice and qualifying.

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