Everybody's Golf (Vita) Reviews

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    28 Jul 2013
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    Original: Everybody's Golf review on Gamin' Girl

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    Quick, easy and fun golfing at its best!

    Everybody’s Golf is deep and a very thought through golf simulator – yes I did say simulator. Beyond all the cutesy manga-inspired graphics and sounds, it is as much a simulator as the Tiger Woods games are. You have to take hills, wind speed and other obstacles into consideration when aiming and shooting the ball. It’s easy to learn how to shoot the ball and reach the green and eventually the hole, but sadly the devs haven’t thought of incorporating any touch functions – sure there are some small functions here and there, but nothing you can actually use while playing.

    The menu is easy to navigate and isn't cluttered up too much. You are greeted by a sweet looking character wearing a baret and a short-ish skirt – with an almost creepy living doll on the her desk. This is the most unnecessary thing this game contains – with your hard earned points you can buy accessories to this doll. I've already decided that I buy everything else, even in-game music before buying anything for that doll.

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    The game is easy to pick up and play. While waiting for the bus or sitting in the train, you can easily shoot a couple balls and still feel you haven’t cut short of a game if you’re in the middle of things when reaching your destination or arrival of transport. Yet, the game can easily suck you in and get you to keep playing for hours on end.

    While a quick glance on the different championships makes you think that this game won’t keep you playing for long, there’s plenty of goodies behind it all that makes you want to play it over and over again. More characters, more costumes, clubs, in-game music and balls of course. And the inevitable artwork as well. Developers loves to show off their work that didn't make it into the final game.

    All in all, Everybody’s golf is beautiful made, that from just looking at it gives the impression that it’s a kids game with arcade handling – but looking at it closer, it shows its true colours of being a simulator. I’m not too much into golfing, and I've never bought any Tiger Woods games, but I thought this game looked cute, and I wasn't disappointed – oh the joy of putting the ball!

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