Everybody's Golf 6 (KR)

PlayStation 3

Everybody's Golf 6 (KR) Trophies

Most Earned

My First Birdie
My First Birdie16TrophyTypeScore a birdie in an official round.
My First Chip-In
My First Chip-In18TrophyTypePerform a chip-in in an official round.
Daily Participant
Daily Participant19TrophyTypeEnter a Daily Int'l Tournament and complete the round.
The Challenge Begins
The Challenge Begins20TrophyTypeWin VS NALU on Beginner Rank.

Least Earned

Starry Night
Starry Night78TrophyTypeCollect every star in Challenge Mode.
King of Kings
King of Kings234TrophyTypeCollect every crown in Challenge Mode.
All our thanks to Everybody's Golfers!
All our thanks to Everybody's Golfers!468TrophyTypeGet every trophy.
Watery Wonder
Watery Wonder35TrophyTypeSkip the ball across water three or more times in a row in an official round.
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