Everybody's Golf 6 (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Everybody's Golf 6 (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

My First Birdie
My First Birdie15TrophyTypeScore a birdie in an<br /> official round.
My First Chip-In
My First Chip-In17TrophyTypePerform a chip-in in an<br /> official round.
The Challenge Begins
The Challenge Begins17TrophyTypeWin VS Karen on<br /> Beginner Rank.
So Long, Amateur League
So Long, Amateur League19TrophyTypeWin VS Tank on<br /> Amateur Rank.

Least Earned

SOLD OUT255TrophyTypePurchase every item in the<br /> shop.
I Love Everybody!
I Love Everybody!255TrophyTypeRaise all characters' loyalty<br /> to max.
Gear Master
Gear Master85TrophyTypePurchase Lv3 versions of<br /> every ball and club with<br /> levels.
Courses Complete!
Courses Complete!42TrophyTypeGain membership to every<br /> course.
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