Everybody Dance 2

PlayStation 3

Everybody Dance 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Take Your First Steps
Take Your First Steps16TrophyTypePlay your first solo dance
Streaker32TrophyTypeAchieve a 70 move streak in any routine (excludes Creator Routines)
Millionaire33TrophyTypeAccumulate 1,000,000 points
Step Up!
Step Up!17TrophyTypePlay your first dance battle

Least Earned

Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet42TrophyType5 star 50 sections in dance class mode
Perfect Partner
Perfect Partner125TrophyTypeGet a 5 star rating on 5 dance partners, normal length routines (excludes Creator Routines)
Let It Burn
Let It Burn125TrophyTypeBurn a total of 1000 Cals in Dance Workout
Dedicated To Dance
Dedicated To Dance125TrophyTypeDance for 10 hours in total
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