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  • sarahrife85sarahrife85141,161
    14 Oct 2019 14 Oct 2019
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    This is a beautiful game, I loved the idea behind it, right up until the last second of the game where everything came together and it glitched on me!!!! I will never be able to finish the game or get the last 15% and platinum because somewhere along the few hours it took me to play the game glitched and i can't finish the game.. For some reason when i got to the end and had to pull whatever it was, a bell or something maybe, it was so long ago i forgot, nothing happened and the game would not end! I deleted the game reinstalled it about ten times deleted my game save started all over and it just did it again and again. I have played this shitty @$$ game 4 whole times and it is so beyond infuriating I can't even put it into words.. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY IT'S NOT WORTH THE FRUSTRATION!! I wish i could give it 0 stars
    (editing because I just noticed this was given away on ps plus at one point!? I did not get the game from there, I unfortunately spent money on this game!!!! And if you can't tell I'm still really P!$$#d about it) angry
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    SolaceCreedI can't tell whether you enjoyed it or not laugh.
    I was looking in to smashing the Platinum for this, but may pass on it, if there is that level of game breaking glitches.
    Posted by SolaceCreed on 19 Oct 19 at 03:46