Electronauts (EU) Trophies

Here is the full list of all 24 Electronauts (EU) trophies - there are 14 bronze, 1 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum.

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  • Iron Jammer

    Jam in a single room for 15 mins or more

  • Little Mahalo

    Use the arrangement equipment

  • Very Mahalo

    Fill 4 unique rows on the arrangement equipment

  • Rocketeer

    Visit all 11 Visualizers

  • Rapid Fire

    Play an instrument consistently for 1 min


    Use the FX Cube glitch remix effect 25 times

  • Watermusic

    Have echo enabled on all instruments and hold down the filter in FX cube for 2 loops

  • Drone

    Play only the looper for 2 full loops with all backing tracks muted

  • That flow

    Mute the kick/snare stems in a backing track and then bring them back in

  • Body Jam

    Play 2 orb kits simultaneously for 2 full loops

  • Lyrical Genius

    Use the vocal equipment whilst recording a sequence on an instrument

  • Producer

    Have a sequence playing on every instrument in a room

  • Static

    Play only the synth ball for 4 full loops

  • Wrecking crew

    Clear 3 sequences in succession

  • Master of time

    Mute 2 sequences at the end of a loop

  • Grenadier

    Throw an audio grenade when you transition backing tracks

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Electronauts FAQ
  • How many trophies are there in Electronauts?
    There are 24 trophies in Electronauts - 14 bronze, 1 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum.
    You can view the full list of Electronauts trophies here.
  • Is Electronauts on PlayStation Plus?
    No, Electronauts is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
  • When did Electronauts release on PlayStation?
    Electronauts was released on August 7th, 2018.