2. Elea General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This game is fairly short, though playing it will feel long. There are 3 chapters total. The first chapter being the second longest, the second chapter being the shortest, then the final and 3rd chapter being the longest.

I will put this out there right now, do not mess with the skip options in the settings. There's the ability to skip dialogue automatically. Do not toy with this, as it can make trophies not pop as you don't get the dialogue when interacting with things.

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My biggest recommendation is attempting this game in one sitting to avoid potential bugs, or trophies not being awarded, as you will need to new-game and do everything all over again. Take things slow, don't spam or rush interactions. There'll be points in this game where you select something, and it'll take around 5-10 seconds to load up the next segment for the thing you've selected, so be patient and don't spam buttons as it may glitch out your game. There are other points in this game too where minor things can happen. One of them is if you stand in a door way, the door will automatically close on you, getting you stuck inside it. This isn't a big problem, just look into the door and press the interact button to open it. Just an example of many things that could go wrong for you.

As a lot of this games trophy list is collectible based, I recommend you pick up/interact with everything twice, if need be. If interaction initiates a one-time dialogue, I recommend that you stand still and let it play it, don't try and rush ahead, just let the game play itself out to be safe.

Some trophies in this game can take a while to pop, so don't get frustrated if it isn't immediately given to you. One of the prime examples is this trophy:

I cleaned up the bridge first, then I did the basketball shot second. I got the basketball in the hoop, and the trophy didn't pop. I got frustrated and did it a good 2-3 times the exact same way, for the trophy to finally pop. It's not that I did anything wrong, it just...took a good 15+ seconds to actually pop for me.

Now that I've talked your ear off about bugs, let's get into the very simple controls:

cn_X cn_R2 - Both of these controls do they same thing. They are the interaction button. This can do many things. Initiate dialogue with someone/something. Pick an item up. Pocket it. So on so forth.

cn_O cn_L2 - Both of these are the opposite of the above controls. They're the cancel/deselect/get rid of controls.

cn_upcn_down - I never actually used these. They browse the items in your inventory, but I never found a need to browse my inventory, nor was my inventory ever really full of items.

cn_leftcn_right - This will bring up your main objective, which I once again NEVER did. No big deal if you follow the walkthrough.

cn_L1 cn_LSc - This is a button I should have used more. It's the run button. If you've played any walking sim, then you know what this'll be like. Some cases it barely does a thing, other cases you begin to power walk and not actually run. Helpful to speed up your wandering around.

cn_R1 - This is your zoom button. I only ever needed to zoom once, and that was to look at someone in the distance for a trophy.

The Left and Right analog are what you'd expect. Movement and camera controls.

A lot of these controls are barely used. Most of my playthrough was the two analogs, and using R2.

Now that you know all there is to know, let's get into the game.

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