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Eight Dragons (PS4 & PS5) (Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese)
Type Game
Publisher eastasiasoft
Platform PS5, PS4
Discovered 14 Jul 2021
Last check 14 Jul 2021
Last on sale -
Release date 15 Jul 2021

Scrolling arcade beat ‘em up action makes a brutal comeback in Eight Dragons, a pixel art brawler for up to 8 players! Select your character and take to the streets as you pummel punks into submission and try to take the city back from crooked businessman KANE. Use fists, feet and whatever weapons you can grab along the way to fight from one end of the city to the other, culminating in the ultimate showdown!

Play it your way with multiple settings to customize the experience. Featuring adjustable speed and difficulty, Eight Dragons will let you make gameplay as hard or easy, fast or slow as you like, whatever suits your playstyle and skill level. All of this combined with unique stories and stage routes for each character makes Eight Dragons’ replay value practically endless. Each playthrough combines and expands with others, encouraging you to explore all available content and rewarding completion. Only by coming together can the Dragons unlock their true destiny!


• Brawl your way through the city solo or with friends!
• Punch, kick and pick up improvised weapons.
• Explore intertwining stories and alternate stage paths.
• Improve your skills in Arcade mode!
• Customize game speed and difficulty to suit your preferred style.

This product entitles you to download both the digital PS4™ version and the digital PS5™ version of this game.

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