Educational Games for Kids (EU)

Educational Games for Kids (EU)

Educational Games for Kids (EU)

Educational Games for Kids (EU) Trophies

Full list of all 35 Educational Games for Kids (EU) trophies - 19 bronze, 10 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Almost.

    Math: Destroy a UFO that is too close to you.

  • Double Shot.

    Math: Destroy 2 UFOs with one shot.

  • Find Cyprus.

    Geography: Answer the question 'Where is Cyprus?'

  • State Guru.

    Geography: Find all North America states without tips or errors.

  • Europe Cities.

    Geography: Find all Capital Cities in Europe without tips or errors.

  • Greece Flag.

    Flags: Find 'Greece' flag.

  • Europe Flags.

    Flags: Find all Europe Countries by looking their flags with no errors or tips.

  • Africa Flags.

    Flags: Find all Africa flags by reading the Country with no errors or tips.

  • Perfect Memory.

    Memory: In 4x4 find all doubles by turning each piece only once.

  • Soccer Balls.

    Memory: Find a pair or soccer balls.

  • Gold Coin.

    Maze: Get the gold coin in the hardest maze.

  • 15 Seconds.

    Maze: Finish the knight and Princess maze in 15 seconds.

  • Photo Girl.

    Dress Up: Dress up the girl and photo her.

  • Lion Colors.

    Coloring: Color the lion similar to its original colors and photo it.

  • Perfect Animals.

    Animals: Move all animals in their correct place without any errors.

  • Red race.

    Colors: Put 5 red items correctly in 25 seconds.

  • Square race.

    Shapes: Put 5 square items correctly in 25 Seconds.

  • Maestro.

    Music: Finish the game with no errors.

  • Color Wheel.

    Color Mixing: Finish a game with no errors.

  • Hidden pattern.

    Patterns: Answer a pattern containing same 'group' objects.

  • Patterns master.

    Patterns: Finish a game with no errors.

  • Banana.

    Objects: Put a banana to the baby’s mouth.

  • Match order.

    Match. Put: bear, airplane and house at this order.

  • 10 Red.

    Numbers: Pop 10 red balloons with stars after the game is over.

  • Unlock the Dragon.

    Finish all the games and variants with 3 stars.