Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail

PlayStation 4

Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail Trophies

Most Earned

Never Mind
Never Mind16TrophyTypeDecline Tiatha ir-Adech's case.
Case Closed
Case Closed102TrophyTypeComplete Sofya's investigation and resolve the case of the missing Leshin.
Just Getting Started
Just Getting Started17TrophyTypeComplete day one of Sofya's investigation.
Left With A Tough Decision
Left With A Tough Decision17TrophyTypeComplete day two of Sofya's investigation.

Least Earned

Visions From the Stars
Visions From the Stars20TrophyTypeSee all of Arkady Vanzin's optional side scenes.
True Detective
True Detective40TrophyTypeDiscover the truth about Folren ir-Adech's fate on your own by formulating a new theory.
Hell of a Motivation
Hell of a Motivation20TrophyTypeSee all optional side scenes with Viola Aristov and share a kiss before a dangerous confrontation.
Dark Secret
Dark Secret20TrophyTypeUncover the truth about Simion ir-Sheaf's involvement in your case.
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