Eat Them!

PlayStation 3

Eat Them! Trophies

Most Earned

I Wonder What's for Dinner
I Wonder What's for Dinner15TrophyTypeFirst time monster eats.
Creature Feature
Creature Feature17TrophyTypeMake your first monster.
Monster Games
Monster Games20TrophyTypeRun over 1000m, throw an object over 50m in a single throw, and jump over 50m in a single jump. All in one level.
Monster Mash-Up
Monster Mash-Up26TrophyTypeCompete in a multi-player game.

Least Earned

O.C.M (Obsessive Compulsive Monster)
O.C.M (Obsessive Compulsive Monster)51TrophyTypeTotally destroy every building in a level.
Megabucks Monster Club
Megabucks Monster Club51TrophyTypeCause over $850,000 worth of property damage within a single mission.
Inspector Monster
Inspector Monster48TrophyTypeView every monster part in the Monster Lab.
Domination286TrophyTypeComplete all missions in every level with all awards.
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