Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

PlayStation 3

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Trophies

Most Earned

It's HAZARD TIME!15TrophyTypeStart your first game. "Thanks for buying my game. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. --Sincerely, Matt Hazard"
Take 5.
Take 5.15TrophyTypePause the game for the first time. "Hey...come back here and play!"
Hands-On Approach
Hands-On Approach15TrophyTypeDefeat an enemy using melee combat. "I don't need a stinkin' gun to deal with YOU!"
Straight-A Student
Straight-A Student15TrophyTypeComplete all of the in-game tutorials. "Like I had any choice..."

Least Earned

King of Hazard Land!
King of Hazard Land!330TrophyTypeEarn all Trophies in the game. "You. Are. The. MAN! (Unless you are a lady. In which case, I apologize.)"
Hazard Master
Hazard Master164TrophyTypeComplete the game on the Maximum Hazard difficulty setting. "You've done this before, haven't you?"
Observe the Grenade
Observe the Grenade27TrophyTypeKill 3 Tester employees with a single shot from the grenade launcher. "Test the grenades: check!"
Bedlam Basher
Bedlam Basher24TrophyTypeKill a Bandit from behind with a melee attack. "Good for you. Coward."
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