PlayStation 4

Earthfall Trophies

Most Earned

The Good Life
The Good Life15TrophyTypeComplete the Supply Run mission
Refueled18TrophyTypeComplete the Breakdown mission
Drone Killer
Drone Killer18TrophyTypeKill 500 Drones
01000111 01000111
01000111 0100011119TrophyTypeComplete the Data Recovery mission

Least Earned

Whiplash Killer - Elite
Whiplash Killer - Elite30TrophyTypeKill 400 Whiplashes
Thresher Killer - Elite
Thresher Killer - Elite30TrophyTypeKill 400 Threshers
Sapper Killer - Elite
Sapper Killer - Elite30TrophyTypeKill 400 Sappers
Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy180TrophyTypeUnlock all Trophies in Earthfall
All Earthfall Trophies