Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable (Vita) Reviews

    05 Apr 2014
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    Earth Defense Force has returned and this time the ravagers (aka Space Bugs) are invading the PlayStation Vita.

    Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is a crazy run and gun experience. Featuring a cast of crazy and deadly insect intend on Earth's destruction. The year is 2017, a giant space ship has appeared in the sky and after several tense moments, your band of EDF soldiers is thrown into a seemingly endless wave of giant ants. As the invasion progresses, you'll face spiders, robots with giant arm cannons, massive drop ships, four-legged walking fortresses, and some mecha dinosaurs.

    Earth Defense Force 2017 portable spans 60 missions, offers 5 difficulty levels, and has hundreds of different weapons to find and collect. You can play as an EDF soldier initially, and upon completion of the game, you'll unlock the Pale wing; a female soldier that can fly! Before each mission, you can select 2 different weapons to take into battle ranging from machine guns to rocket launchers and a vast selection of others. Each weapon features a list of stats that show its strengths and weaknesses.

    During a mission, you'll receive instructions from EDF HQ on what you need to do. It's always the same objective, kill all the bugs, rinse and repeat. One would think this would get old and repetitive fast, and to an extend it does. Yet, something about killing giant bugs that swarm in mass is quite fun. Some will grow tired of the same thing over and over and over again, but those that stick with it, will find a very rewarding game packed with many, many hours of content.

    The game offers up solo or co-op via online play. Unfortunately, the online is a ghost town, so you'll need to get some friends on board or go hunt for players outside the game. The graphics while not mind blowing, get the job done. They look good, but there's some room for improvement. The music and sound effects are where the experience really comes to life. As you play, your ears will be treated to a nice orchestral selection of tunes that set the mood and the sound effects show the desperation and hopelessness that your fellow EDF soldiers are experiencing as the invasion turns from terrible to worse.

    The only real negative I have with the game is that when things get too crazy, the game slows to a crawl for a short period of time making it almost unplayable. Which is a real shame. It's impressive to see hundreds of insect on screen at once, but slow down not so much. Thankfully, it's a rather rare problem, which you'll only experience during a handful of instances.

    If your looking for a new, fun experience for your PlayStation Vita, give Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable a try. It just might be your new addiction for the next couple of weeks or months!