Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Trophies

Most Earned

Like a Raging Lion
Like a Raging Lion15TrophyTypeActivate Synchro Mode.
Dawn at Changshan
Dawn at Changshan15TrophyTypeComplete Chapter 1.
Peach Garden Oath
Peach Garden Oath20TrophyTypePerform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei.
Luoyang in Flames
Luoyang in Flames20TrophyTypeComplete Chapter 2.

Least Earned

Godseeker1234TrophyTypeObtain all of the trophies.
Fully Loaded
Fully Loaded617TrophyTypeComplete the Skill Board for each officer.
Weapon Collector
Weapon Collector130TrophyTypeCollect all of the weapons in the game.
Wei's Five Generals
Wei's Five Generals42TrophyTypePerform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Zhang Liao, Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Zhang He, and Xu Huang.
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