Dungeons 3

Dungeons 3

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Dungeons 3 Trophies

Most Earned

The Shadow strikes
The Shadow strikes15TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.
The Evilest Evil
The Evilest Evil16TrophyTypeCollect a total of 1000 Evilness in the mission “Twistram in Ruins”.
Twistram is devastated
Twistram is devastated16TrophyTypeComplete the mission “Twistram in Ruins”.
Death and destruction!
Death and destruction!18TrophyTypeDestroy 9 Heroes with Thalya's “Fire Bomb” in the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.

Least Earned

Sacrifices!40TrophyTypeSacrifice all of the Titans within 40 minutes in the mission “A Disturbance In The Force”.
Not a scratch
Not a scratch40TrophyTypeComplete the mission “Baptism of Fire” without Thalya taking any damage.
It doesn't get more evil than this!
It doesn't get more evil than this!481TrophyTypeCongratulations, you have scored all Dungeons 3 trophies. By that we mean you snagged them all, not that you carved notches in all of them. Um, and by “snagged” we mean you earned them, not that you grabbed them using a fishing rod. Oh man, it’s a good thing nobody ever reads this stuff…
I need a hero!
I need a hero!40TrophyTypeKill 100 Heroes in the mission “Light and Shadow”.
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Dungeons 3 Short Trailer Released

Kalypso Media and Realmform Studios released a new short trailer for their upcoming Dungeons 3. The Dungeon Lord has unified the evil forces and is now attempting expansion of his evil empire.

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Dungeons 3 Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up the trophy list for Dungeons 3. There are 61 trophies, none of which are secret

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New Dungeons 3 Screenshots Released

Kalypso Media UK released some new screenshots for the upcoming evil dungeon management game Dungeons 3. We haven’t had too much information on the game as of yet.

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Dungeons 3 Announced For Playstation 4

Dungeons 3, a combination of dungeon simulator and real time strategy game, is heading to consoles later this year. We have a teaser trailer and gameplay screenshots to inspire your inner evil mastermind.

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