Dungeon Siege III

PlayStation 3

Dungeon Siege III Trophies

Most Earned

Sacred Meeting
Sacred Meeting16TrophyTypeYou spoke to the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald.
Trial by Fire
Trial by Fire16TrophyTypeYou defeated the archon, Rajani.
Lescanzi Ally
Lescanzi Ally17TrophyTypeYou ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona.
Through the Murky Mire
Through the Murky Mire17TrophyTypeYou survived a journey through the Eastern Swamp.

Least Earned

The Path Not Taken
The Path Not Taken27TrophyTypeYou respecced your character.
Mummy Dearest
Mummy Dearest51TrophyTypeYou defeated High Priest Molochi.
It Ain't Lion
It Ain't Lion26TrophyTypeYou spoke to the Lamasu.
Anointed Ointment
Anointed Ointment51TrophyTypeYou collected the sacred oil in Sandspring Cavern.
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