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Dungeon Defenders II Upcoming Expansion Details Announced

The next expansion in the Dungeon Defenders II universe is nearly here. Titled 'Protean Shift,' it will feature new rewards and new Expeditions in one of the biggest expansions to hit the game.

Posted 2 years ago by Dave Bricker

Dungeon Defenders II DLC Details and Stream

The Power of the Ancients expansion for the game is releasing in December, so we've been treated to an hour long stream of the game to highlight some of the new additions.

Posted 2 years ago by MegsonGrove

Dungeon Defenders II Patch 1.2.2 Detailed and Released

A new patch has been released for Dungeon Defenders II, the free-to-play title from developer Trendy Entertainment. Patch 1.2.2 will come with altered Mastery, general balance changes and bug fixes.

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Double XP Now Live in Dungeon Defenders II

If Dungeon Defenders II is your game of choice this weekend, your progress will be expedited thanks to a double XP weekend that is live now.

Posted 3 years ago by Kelly Packard

Dungeon Defenders II Devstream Previews Patch 1.0.3

Ahead of Patch 1.0.3's release for Dungeon Defenders II, developer Trendy Entertainment took to their Twitch TV channel to stream a preview of the upcoming title update.

Posted 3 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

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