Drive on Moscow (EU)

PlayStation 4

Drive on Moscow (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Against all odds
Against all odds15TrophyTypeSurvive a combat with a lone 1 strength unit against at least 7 opposing strength points, in Computer Opponent mode
Behind enemy lines
Behind enemy lines15TrophyTypeReconnect a unit that was cut off from supply by the enemy
Bronze Destroyer
Bronze Destroyer15TrophyTypeDestroy 100 Axis units, in Computer Opponent mode
Bronze Strategist
Bronze Strategist15TrophyTypeCut an enemy unit off supply, in Computer Opponent mode

Least Earned

Stop the Counterattack!
Stop the Counterattack!30TrophyTypeWin Zhukov's Counterattack scenario as Axis against Zhukov
Stalwart Defense
Stalwart Defense30TrophyTypeWin At the Gates scenario as Soviet against Guderian
Silver Destroyer
Silver Destroyer30TrophyTypeDestroy 250 Axis units, in Computer Opponent mode
Peace15TrophyTypeObtain a draw in any scenario, while playing against any AI personality
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