Drive Girls

PlayStation Vita

Drive Girls Trophies

Most Earned

Enlistment decision?
Enlistment decision?15TrophyTypeEpisode 1 has been cleared
Runner15TrophyTypeHeat accelerator was used for the first time in D form
OVER DRIVE16TrophyTypeOVERDRIVE was used for the first time
First sticker
First sticker16TrophyTypeEquipped a sticker for the first time

Least Earned

Weapon Horder
Weapon Horder281TrophyTypeAll CARMS have been collected
Venom Suppressor
Venom Suppressor94TrophyTypeVenom has been suppressed
Perfect Sticker
Perfect Sticker281TrophyTypeAll the stickers have been collected
Galaxa of Sunshine Island
Galaxa of Sunshine Island94TrophyTypeAll missions have been challenged
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