3. Drawful 2 Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Game #1

Start the game off by clicking Make Your Own. Go to jackbox.tv and login using the room code on your TV screen. This will allow you to Create A New Episode. Name the episode, then just spam a bunch of prompts. Click publish, then play. This will unlock:

Now, use SessionBox to create 6 more tabs (7 in total). Join the game with the first 6 using the new code on screen numbering each (name them 1-6). You’ll be asked to draw a picture for each account. You’ll see 2 colors to the bottom-left of the rectangle that you can draw within. Draw using the first color, then change colors and draw another tiny bit. Once you send that account’s profile picture in, you’ll unlock:

On one of the other accounts, click on the screen 50 times. Just click to make a dot, then buttonmash until you’ve clicked 50 times. Send this profile pic, and you’ll unlock:

Start the game once your first 6 tabs have joined, then join in the 7 tab as an audience member.

Now, you’ll have to draw your first drawings. Just draw each accounts’ number on all of them. Then, for the “title”, just write each accounts’ number as their title except for player 1. Type in the title ‘word spud 2’. This will unlock you:

Now, go through your tabs choosing ‘word spud 2’ as the correct answer and liking it. By time you reach the audience, everyone else should have already voted. So, it should say award bonus like at the top of the audience member’s screen (so like it with the audience). After that, immediately pause and use every other player to like ‘word spud 2’ also. This will unlock you:

  • Fool House

    Fool every other player with a title you write.

    Fool House
    Online Mode - These trophies require a connection to live services, such as PlayStation Network, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Versus - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the trophy requirements.Host Only - These trophies are only earned by the host or primary player.3 Players Required - These trophies require a minimum number of participating players to attempt.External Content - These trophies require content outside the game or input devices other than the system default.

Now, just type in the titles all as their numbers again, but don’t type in anything with 1. Select the correct answer with 1. Select the decoy answer with one of the others. Then, select whatever else with the rest of the players. Like the decoy with the audience, then pause and like it with everyone else. This will unlock:

Get through the titles again, then select the correct answer with 1 a third time in a row (it doesn’t have to be 1 that gets it right that many times in a row, you just need a 3 streak with anyone). Of course, do the liking of 1’s answer again. This will unlock:

Like 1’s answer in the same way as you did in the first rounds for the rest of the game. (You will have to draw a second picture at some point, but just continue afterwards.) Repeat until one of the players has received 50 likes in this match. This will unlock:

Game #2

You are just gonna be starting this match and immediately earning an trophy. Use SessionBox so that you have 13 tabs open at once. Join 3 of those accounts in as players, then start the game. Now, join in the other 10 after the game has started so that they are all audience members. This will unlock:

The Grind

Now, all that’s left is to complete 50 games. Join 8 accounts into a match (use your phone to create player 1 if possible, so that you can do stuff on the move). Start the match, then close all tabs except for the player that had to click everyone’s in (whoever you signed in first). Just submit a drawing on that player, then idle. The game should end within a couple of minutes. Press same players. Repeat another 48 times (because that should’ve been your second game). Upon completing your 50th game, you will unlock:

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