2. Drawful 2 General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Drawful 2 let's you play up to 8 players with a seemingly endless number of possible audience members (players that join after the match starts).

Now, here is how we will get those players if you have a laptop with Google Chrome. Download the extension SessionBox from the Chrome webstore here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sessionbox-free-mu... (which is linked from their website here: https://sessionbox.io/discover)

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SessionBox allows you to use the same browser to have a ton of tabs open and count them as new sessions. Normally, you can only have 1 JackBox player join in from Google Chrome (2 with Incognito), but you can open enough tabs for all of the trophies with SessionBox. It should give you a tutorial showing how to use it once it is downloaded.

A Drawful 2 match starts off with every player going to jackbox.tv and using the room code that should be on your TV (and naming the player) to join the game. You need at least 3 players to start a game, but the walkthrough will tell you how many players you will need to join in for each game. Afterwards, each player will have to draw a player picture for themselves. In the first game, you will earn 2 trophies in this section before moving on. Otherwise, just draw a dot and accept it. Once every player that you need is in, then start the game via the first player to join. This will lead into round 1. Depending on the number of players, there will be either only 1 or 2 rounds. Each player must draw a picture for their prompt. You can just draw a dot, then submit it though. Next, each drawing will be shown and the players that didn't draw whatever is on screen must write something to fool the other players into guessing their answer instead of the correct one while simultaneously trying to guess correctly. After a player selects their choice for the right answer, they can award likes to some of the answers (this will be important for one annoying trophy). Then, it just repeats until the game ends.

You can and must also create your own prompts in the Make Your Own part of the game. This will also involve a room code.

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