1. Drawful 2 Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

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Hello, and welcome to the walkthrough for Drawful 2. In this walkthrough, you will receive all, but one, trophies in the first two games. However, you will need to "complete" 50 total matches to earn the final trophy.

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Drawful 2 is a Jackbox game, so it is meant to be a party game. This walkthrough will allow you to earn every trophy by yourself though. All you need is a laptop/computer with Google Chrome. You can still do it if you have 7 devices that may use Incognito browsing or access to 7 browsers that may use Incognito browsing overall.

The game itself is a party game that has players draw images to try and get other players to match their prompts while all of the other players trying to write fake prompts to trick the other players. Each of the players are also trying to guess the correct answer for each drawing. Most point at the end of the game wins.

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