7. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Bitterblack Isle


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Bitterblack Isle, for those unaware, was originally a sort of DLC addition to the original Dragon's Dogma. The Dark Souls-inspired island features a sprawling dungeon of high-level enemies, making it a great post-game challenge for players who still need to make it to level 200. It's fairly difficult and very vague in terms of story. Because the main focus is the intense combat and multi-stage environment, there's not much to learn or discuss. Therefore, this portion of the guide will be similar to the Hard Mode page, in which I walk you through each floor of Bitterblack Isle and the best way to approach it. As with the main storyline, I will explain the events at the end of the guide for those interested.


  • None: Although there's no direct reward for reaching the final level of Bitterblack Isle, you do gain plenty of rare materials and unique equipment.

As I've said, this is the best location to collect gear for your character. But there's also numerous consumables and materials that are both rare and considered valuable for expert players. Not only that, quite a few of the items dropped as loot from creatures will go towards upgrading your equipment. Expect to dish out some serious coin on upgrading these items, as well as buying things for the trip.


Shockingly, there is no prerequisite for entering Bitterblack Isle. You can quite literally walk in at any time you'd like. However, you should read up on the Hints section before doing so. I can't stress how hard this will be as a beginner. That being said, you'll gain plenty of experience by doing it early. Furthermore, there are a few differences to gameplay once you arrive:

  • Bitterblack Isle does not allow you to use Ferrystones to fast travel. Instead, you have to use Liftstones. They work in a similar way, except they will bring you to the surface of the island. From there, you can fast travel back to Gransys. Liftstones do not work in Gransys, and Ferrystones do not work in Bitterblack Isle.
  • The entire dungeon is separated by sections. Every few levels will have a "resting place" and Riftstones in between. This means you can stock up on items and sleep to regain health before continuing. Which you should obviously do. This will allow you to do small portions of the isle at a time.
  • Enemies within Bitterblack Isle are essentially the opposite of what you've seen in Gransys. Nearly all enemies have a weakness of holy and are immune to dark. This also means that you will need to acquire new foe knowledge from each of these enemies.
  • Similar to other locations in the game, you cannot fully clear Bitterblack Isle of enemies. In fact, the exact opposite happens; monsters of increased difficulty will appear in place of the previously cleared locations. Some enemies will not change after a second playthrough.
  • Many pieces of equipment you pick up will be cursed. While cursed, you will not be able to differentiate what items you've collected or equip them to a character. You will need to bring these items to Olra so that she can purify them. Purification requires Riftcrystals, which can be collected throughout the Isle.
  • There are no shops or inns within the Isle. All services can either be done by Olra (at the surface level) or through Barroch (found in your current rest location or at the surface when completed). Each one provides different services, so don't get them confused.
  • All Bitterblack Isle creatures generally respawn in 3 days, and sometimes less. Clearing the dungeon by slaying Daimon will also reset the system. Time does not pass on the Isle itself, so you'll need to sleep somewhere in Gransys to continue. This makes it a valuable choice for grinding levels.

If you aren't sure if you're a high enough level for Bitterblack Isle, then just do an experimental run. Save the game and go for it. Alternatively, I recommend that you fight the Ur-Dragon as a test. If it takes more than three tries, you're likely under-leveled. I found that, once I reached level 90, it was much less of a challenge.


  • Don't rush it. Bitterblack Isle is a multi-stage area, and it gets harder as you go. There's no reason to go too early, especially if you have unfinished trophies. That being said, if you're looking for that Dark Souls experience, why not go for it? Many trophies can still be earned in Bitterblack Isle.
  • Bring lots of supplies. There will be numerous times when you won't have access to a merchant, so it's important to stockpile the items while you can. Hiring pawns with good carry limits can definitely help, especially because you will go through things like blast arrows and pilgrim's charms quite quickly.
  • Balance your skills. the enemies are weak to holy, so it's wise to equip a sorcerer with those abilities. I would also highly recommend bringing bow wielders or being a magick archer yourself. Brute force doesn't work quite as well in Bitterblack Isle, so having the combined features of strength and magick works much better.
  • Pick your fights. You don't have to fight every monster if you don't need the trophy, so when you run into skeletons or goblins, just keep going. The only gain is the experience. Other, larger enemies will generally be attached to trophies.
  • Finish the quests. Generally speaking, there isn't much to do here in terms of story, but the few quests you will receive, such as from the noticeboard, give plenty of free experience. Particularly the Monument. I will list the location of each slab in the guide but don't forget to check back.
  • Get used to the dark. Your lantern attracts unwanted attention and wastes storage space. Just turn up the brightness or feel around the room if it's too dark to see. You can also sprint through the darker sections of the Isle, since the mini-map generally guides you through it.
  • Save and Godsbane. Many RPG fans already know how to manipulate chests. But if you don't, know that each time you open one, there's a percent chance that you'll gain a specific item. This goes for purifying weapons too. I recommend saving, then Godsbaning if you got a bad result.

There's not much else to remember besides the basic tips of the game. Keep your pawns updated and upgrade your equipment as needed. Bitterblack Isle is really just about being smart with the game mechanics, so the main struggle will just be staying alive. There are no tricks with the story and most enemies will have direct weaknesses stated in the guide.


This list will explain the best equipment that you can find in Bitterblack Isle. If you're looking for quality equipment to use before completing it, visit the Hard Mode page. Although there is limited equipment in terms of sets, each piece is considerably more valuable than the Gransys counterparts, and many of them come with different stats:

    • Oblivion Armor Set: With the highest defense of all rogue classes, the Oblivion set has a wide range of resistances to all except Holy. A relatively low weight makes it a decent collection for classes that rely on daggers, and speed isn't sacrificed with performance.
    • Carrion Armor Set: The Carrion set is a great addition for sorcerers. With decent combinations of resistances and special stats that defend against additional damage types, it works well as light, defensive armor that doesn't limit magicka users.
    • Shadow Armor Set: While arguably not very fashionable, the Shadow brings additional stats that support stamina consumption and carry weight, making it fairly useful when needed. On the bright side, it's one of the easier collections to obtain.
    • Trophy Armor Set: Like the Carrion set, the stats generally boost magick classes, making the Trophy set incredibly useful to Magick Archers. What's lacking is the pieces as a whole. The set is only a jacket, bracers, and boots combined. Meaning you'll have to substitute less rare items.
    • Hellfire Armor Set: Easily one of the most valuable (and also one of the coolest) collections in the game, the Hellfire set doesn't just defend against debilitations. It has an increased resistance against all forms of damage. A very good set for traversing Bitterblack Isle.
    • Sin Armor Set: The less valuable version of the Hellfire set, it has most of the same effects, but with half the potency. Much more easy to find, so it's a nice option for those who aren't looking to collect all there is.

Do note that these sets are from the highest tier. They are not the only sets of equipment in Bitterblack Isle. Each collection can be gained by collecting tier 3 cursed items. Furthermore, certain sets can also be collected through notice board quests. As usual, the pieces can be mixed and matched for the best results. It's also much more crucial to pay attention to the stats of each piece since the new enemies will have new differences. The armor you used previously may not hold the same value now that immunities and weaknesses have changed.

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Once again, because Bitterblack Isle is combat-based, this portion of the walkthrough will be similar to Hard Mode where the focus is enemies. You will not need to worry about story elements because trophies are based on kills. There is only one other trophy that you can't get by playing, and that's to kill Death. See the Additional Trophies section to learn more.


This is a short list of things to keep in mind before beginning:

  • Recommended Level:70+
  • Items Needed: Wakestones, Liftstones, and Health Items
  • Suggested Class: Assassin/Magick Archer
  • Suggested Pawn Class: Ranger/Sorcerer

To travel to Bitterblack Isle, find Olra in Cassardis. Every night, she can be found at the docks. Speak to her to begin. You can travel back and forth from Gransys through her at no cost. You can leave Bitterblack Isle at any time to return, but it must be done through Olra if you started at the beginning. You will not have access to Ferrystone fast-traveling until you've reached Gran Soren.

BITTERBLACK ISLE HARBORThis is the beginning location of the DLC. You can find a Riftstone and Olra here at all times. In Post-Daimon, Barroch will be here as well. There is nothing notable here besides a few chests hidden around the area, and the noticeboard behind the bench. Check the board periodically for quests. The rewards are worth it. These quests will also count towards the trophy. The bench can also be used to rest free of charge. Remember that time doesn't pass here, so you can't use it for getting enemies to respawn.

See the Additional Trophies page for the "Spawning Death" solution.

Bitterblack Isle can be very confusing at first, but there's no harm in checking out each hallway. You should try to explore as much as possible, because most chests will either offer great curatives, cursed gear, or Riftcrystals. To purify gear, speak to Olra at the harbor. Riftcrystals will be spent to do so.

To start, head down the stairs and follow the path forward. Your first time through the garden will be filled with Wargs. As expected, they are immune to fire-based attacks and weak to ice and holy. When they're killed, head to the left for a chest. There is also a walkway hidden behind the crates. Smash them to get through and then head down the path to open another chest. You can also attack the enemies from up above, however, you'll need to come down at some point or another.

Head back into the previous room and turn left (or right from the stairs). Watch out for the snakes that will pop out from beneath the railing as you travel down the path. You can find Mithridate on the next level to get rid of poison. As you reach the end of the path and down the stairs, you'll enter the courtyard. Death will also appear here if it's your first time through the path. Avoid his lantern and keep your distance at all costs! Death will insta-kill you and your pawns, and pawns that are hit cannot be revived until you reach a Riftstone. You do not have to fight the other enemies either, as there's no trophy connected to the Wargs or the Cyclopes.

You can reach the next level by heading down another set of stairs. This will curve until you reach a new set of doors. Don't forget to check around for chests and curatives before leaving.


Your first visit here will be void of enemies. Instead, you'll meet Barroch for the first time, who will mention his own life as the Arisen. Barroch can be used to rarify equipment beyond upgrades. In other words, there are a total of 6 upgrades for each weapon and armor piece now. It still requires special materials, however.

The tower is also special because of the treasures that surround it. You'll notice numerous locked doors while exploring. These can only be unlocked by Moonbeam gems, which are earned by clearing Bitterblack Isle (or at least Daimon). You won't have access at the moment, so continue past them. That leaves three exits.

The first is straight ahead and leads to the Vault of Defiled Truth. You won't be able to get access unless you find the key. The second room, the path that's off to the right, leads to the Ward of Regret and Midnight Helix. This is where you can find the key. Enter when ready, and don't forget to loot the chests available in the area.

The last is at the is above the center door, and can only be accessed by scaling the side of the rock face. This is the Rotunda of Dread and is not needed for completion of Bitterblack Isle. Seek out the Ward of Regret first.


These two locations are combined because they are an offset to the original path, meaning they are not connected to the other locations, only to Duskmoon Tower. They must be explored to receive a Void Key, which allows you to open other locations in the Isle, so it's a required location.

Ward of Regret: One of the first things you'll see is a broken Riftstone. These will appear periodically and can be repaired with Riftcrystals. This one, in particular, isn't of much use in all honesty. You will likely visit this area once and then forget it's here. So continue through into the next location as quickly as possible.

Midnight Helix: There are numerous enemies in the area to deal with, but the most notable is no doubt the Condemned Gorecylops. Do note that you don't need to kill it for any reason. In fact, your pawns are quite okay with you leaving it there. These are one of the toughest enemies of Bitterblack Isle, so it's better to handle the Cyclops later. The Void Key can be found at the very top of the Helix. So grab it and exit as soon as possible.

Visiting the Rotunda of Dread is optional because there are no trophies to be earned here, and the path leads nowhere. Head to the third floor (via the rock in the center and the stone pillars) of Duskmoon Tower to access the area. This location is mostly for farming because various creatures can be spawned with bait. This is also where you can find creatures such as Archydras and Gorecyclops. There are plenty of high-level monsters, and chests also litter the area. But if you have little reason to visit, I recommend just continuing on. However, when you've finished the game, note that there are a few moonbeam doors up here, and on the second level (dropping down the ledge) to collect.

There are plenty of paths to follow in this section, however, most will lead you to where you need to go. So don't worry too much about directions. Instead, focus on the enemies and chests. There are quite a few small pocket spaces where loot is stashed, so be thorough. The enemies here are also quite easy to handle, with the majority being either Hobgoblins or Hellhounds.

When you reach the courtyard (similar to the Garden of Ignominy) there will be a Cockatrice waiting. As stated, it's not required as a trophy, so there's little reason to slay it. However, all experience is good experience.


The Gutter of Misery connects to the Warrior's Respite, which I highly recommend that you visit. A few enemies will light the way, such as Saurians and Undead, but they are otherwise quite small. There's no need to kill them unless you wish to. The next section of Bitterblack Isle can be reached by the lower stairs and by following the sewer tunnel to the doors.

To reach the Warrior's Respite, head upwards instead. Bitterblack Isle Harbor can be accessed by an additional door by pulling the handle and Barroch will remain here until you progress to the next resting area. In addition to this, there is a Riftstone and a Healing Spring here, and even notice board. Collect all the quests from it before leaving.

This is where your first trophy comes in. I recommend stocking up on Panacae or other cure-all ailment curatives. Upon entering, your pawns will likely alert you to the Evil Eye waiting for you. This one in particular is known as the Gazer, and is quite massive in comparison to the others. There's a few easy tactics to use against it, as well as some special ability that you'll need to watch out for.
  1. Avoid the blinding light. This ability will blind you nearly every time. A big annoyance.
  2. Attack the eye every time. You don't gain experience with the tentacles, so ignore them unless needed.
  3. Use the stairs as an advantage. You can move between pillars with ease and without taking damage.
  4. When it forms it's "square of death" immediately destroy all the tentacles on the ground. You'll know when it's about to happen. You can then use the cannon against it.

It might take awhile for lower-leveled players, but eventually it will go down. The Gazer, although powerful, deals very little overall damage and instead relies on ailments and magic. A trophy will pop on its death.

Eye Gouger

Defeated the Gazer in Bitterblack Isle.

Eye Gouger
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

There is a rest location after this, so feel free to continue through. Be sure to loot the body for some rare items.


This is a resting location. Bitterblack Isle Harbor can once again be accessed by the additional door, as well as a Riftstone that can be repaired. It's up to you if you wish to do so, because you can always unlock the door to outside and use the Riftstone there. Barroch will also remain here until you progress to the next resting area.

Stone Tablet #1: Against the wall near the broken Rift Stone.


The Fortress is a relatively large location with three other rooms branching from it. The two that are important is the Pilgrim's Gauntlet and the Tower of Treasons Repaid. The final door, reaching the Black Abbey, is not important. So the path you want to take is through the Gauntlet, back out, and then through the Tower. The Pilgrim's Gauntlet should be the first door you access. The other two can be found when venturing down the spiraling steps.

Death will also make his visit here, including some new enemies. Eliminators are large, bull-like men that charge their enemies. One will be waiting on the stairs, so it's very easy to get trapped. Another creature is a Maneater. They will hide in various chests before snatching you when you open it. Think of the chests in Dark Cloud for reference.

Both of these enemies will now reappear throughout Bitterblack Isle, so get used to seeing them. Further down the steps towards the Tower of Treasons is a Riftstone, which I recommend repairing. Try to travel swiftly at this point, and avoid getting knocked off the edges at all costs.

Stone Tablet #2: In the center of pillars where Succubi can be found, the top floor of the same tower where the Eliminator is encountered.


The Pilgrim's Gauntlet is set up in a similar manner to other locations such as the Garden of Ignominy, so it shouldn't be hard to navigate. The enemies vary, The Void Key is located on the lower floor, in a cornered hallway. You can also mine some materials if you wish, as you can get some relatively rare finds.

Avoid the chest on the balcony overlooking the garden area. It's a guaranteed Maneater every time. Exit back through the Fortress when ready.

Stone Tablet #3: On the first floor, in the northern area with the rocks that can be climbed upwards to a chest.

This location mimics the Rotunda of Dread. It's a great area to grind levels and loot gear, but otherwise irrelevant to the rest of the game. I would recommend venturing in to explore the area, but don't bother with the enemies.

By far my least favorite location, the Tower holds numerous flying foes and magick-based enemies that can knock you from the top and all the way down to the bottom. So be careful when navigating. Succubi will attempt to knock you off or stall you as you climb. There's also holes in the bridges themselves, so don't fall through. There are no Maneaters here, so loot to your heart's content.

When you reach the bottom, you'll notice the opening in the wall to move forward. Explore the areas thoroughly since you're likely running out of supplies this far in.

Stone Tablet #4: On the first floor, pass through the damaged wall and it can be found at the edge of the blood pool below the ledge.You might have to jump down to see it.

Stone Tablet #5: In the pile of bones on the second floor, through the archway and across the wooden bridge (in an area with spiders and three chests).


The Cathedral is a simple, open space, where your only concern should be the enemies that wait. Upon entering, your next boss fight will ensue. Note that the trophy requires you to kill the Dark Bishop, not the dragon. Here are a few hints that make this fight significantly easier:

  1. Silence him if possible. The Dark Bishop relies on magick, so taking it away can really affect the battle.
  2. Use Dark magick. He's one of the only enemies weak to this, so take full advantage.
  3. Blast arrows can knock him out of the air, allowing other pawns to attack.
  4. The Dark Bishop is also weak to Torpor. Poison and other afflictions will not work.

The connection between the dragon and the Bishop is what's most important. After so much damage is inflicted, he will possess the dragon. Kill the dragon, and he will have no host to run to. Be sure to target the correct enemy each time as well. If he isn't possessing the dragon, then don't waste time attacking it. When finished, the trophy should pop and the gate will open to your next location.

The Inquisitor

Defeated the Dark Bishop in Bitterblack Isle.

The Inquisitor
Online/OfflineSingle Player

Stone Tablet #6: On the second ledge in the area before the Elder Ogre can be found.

Stone Tablet #7: From the entrance, look up and you will see the stone on a high ledge. Climb the archway to reach it.


This is a resting location. Bitterblack Isle Harbor can be accessed by the other door, as well as a Riftstone near the steps. Barroch will remain here until you progress to the next resting area. I recommend grabbing a lantern if you do not have one currently.

Stone Tablet #8: At the end of the small pier near to where Barroch may be standing.


The Rotwood Depository is incredibly difficult to navigate in the dark. I recommend that you either grab a lantern, or turn up your brightness settings for a little while. There will also be holy beacons lighting the way, however, they cost Riftcrystals to light.

Enemies within the Depository are generally Skeletons, Saurians, and Wraiths. So the holy magic bonus is incredibly useful. An eliminator will block the exit here, so be careful. Otherwise, just watch out of the tight corners and precarious hallways as you venture further in. A Maneater will be hidden in at least one chest here as well.


A fairly dangerous location, the Forgotten Hall has numerous enemies to slay, from Cyclopes to the Undead. You will need to head down the level and past the corrupted pawns that attack you. I recommend looting the location and leaving as soon as possible. Death also has the chance to spawn here.

Stone Tablet #9: The hall with the two chained Gorecyclopes on the first floor. You will see a chest, some spiders and if you look up to your right, (facing the chest), the ivy conceals a hidden corridor, looking down from the ”bridge” you will see the slate.

THE ARISEN'S REFUGEThis is a resting location, and one of the few that does not reach the surface. Barroch will remain here until you progress to the end of the DLC. Then, he will move to the surface and remain there until your second playthrough. Be sure to speak to him for additional materials before leaving.

Be sure to check out the Arisen's Refuge before continuing onward. The locked gates will have chests inside, but nothing you can't collect through other locations, so don't worry if you don't have a skeleton key on you. Continue down the path until you reach the wooden bridge. The next area is through the broken grate below.

Once again, I recommend keeping a lantern around as you travel. Your first visit here will be guided by a man's voice, similar to the bodies you saw previously through the floors. Follow it as it reaches the bottom level. You'll see another beacon when you hit the final floor. Note that this voice won't be guiding you the second time around, so bring a light next time (or follow the mini-map as I do).

Moving right and into the sewers, there will be numerous foes waiting for you, but lighting the beacons can make this much quicker. Follow the path until you reach the next set of doors. Each direction will lead you the same way, so don't worry about which one you take.


On your first visit here, only one enemy will block the path. The voice will speak as you venture further through the area, and a Riftstone can be repaired just next to the door. In order to continue to the next area, you must slay the Living Armor that blocks your path. Note that, to do any real damage, you should use magick attacks instead of relying on brute force. Loot the area and then enter the next location.

Stone Tablet #10: Right in front of the exit, you can't miss it. Note that all the other memories from the monument are gained by listening to the stories of the dead as you travel through Bitterblack Isle. Return to the monument for the full reward. (10,000 exp each)


As you step into the Fallen City, take note of the rooftops. At the moment, the area is void of enemies and you have free range to loot as you wish. However, the next time you are here, I highly recommend that you stick to the roofs to survive. There are numerous chests to loot here, both high and low. So be thorough before continuing.

When you reach the hill, repair the Riftstone beside you. I highly recommend configuring your pawns before you continue. Once you enter the Sanctum, you will not be able to turn back. Save, then continue.


The moment of truth. Upon entering the Bitterblack Sanctum, you will meet Daimon, the corrupted Arisen from long ago. Before you begin, you should know that there is no returning from this point. You either fight or you die. And the doors will not open until he is defeated. Furthermore, Daimon has special abilities unlike any other enemy. Be cautious as you approach:

  • Daimon will use generic punches and kicks during the fight. They are backed with plenty of strength, so don't underestimate them. He will generally attack one person at a time, making it easy to avoid.
  • As well as basic attacks, he will also charge opponents. These assaults are generally followed by grab attacks that slam opponents into the ground, so just move to the side to avoid this.
  • Daimon also has a decent handling of magick based attacks as well, including both ice and fire elemental effects. This is generally how he attacks at a distance, but it's a simple task to avoid.
  • Finally, there's one ability that can severely affect the battle. Once or twice during combat, Daimon will unleash an opening the rift. You can note this by the blinding light that comes with it. If this happens, immediately attack back. Both you and your pawn can die from this. Pawns who fall through the rift cannot return until you activate a Riftstone. Blast arrows can easily end the attack.

As expected, all of Daimon's moves can be very lethal if you aren't prepared. However, there are some basic weaknesses, and one big flaw, that can keep the battle in your favor. I recommend a level of 90+ at this point.

  • Daimon is weak to holy, and slightly weak to ice. While Sorcerers will likely have a hard time casting spells, igniting your weapons with elements can still help to increase your damage output.
  • Because Daimon does not entirely touch the ground, and he uses attacks that push away any grabbing offenders, it's best to outfit the party with ranged options. Warriors will have trouble keeping up.
  • And finally, there is one huge weakness that I cannot stress enough. Using blast arrows (or a similarly strong) attack can easily stun Daimon. To do this, aim at the head/neck and fire away. When done in succession, he will be helpless to attacks, and you can breeze through the fight with very little damage taken.

For low-leveled players, it will still be a grind to get out of the fight. If you are in need of additional supplies, look around the Sanctum. There are at least three Harspud Sauces, and one Wakestone by the makeshift throne. When the battle is over, a trophy will pop. Be sure to loot anything he drops and then check out the chests that open after the battle.


Defeated Daimon for the first time.

Online/OfflineSingle Player

Now that Daimon is dead, you have one final task. Do it all over again. That being said, your next playthrough of Bitterblack Isle will be much more difficult, and Daimon will now appear in two forms instead of one. You likely gained plenty of experience from the battle, so regroup with your party and get ready for the next run through.


From now on, all enemies will be twice as difficult, so don't venture back through expecting the same results. Each level will now hold Eliminators, Wyrms, Living Armor, and more. They will appear in greater numbers as well. In addition to this, it might be wise to collect the Death trophy during this run. Once again, see the Additional Trophies page for more information.

Cheat Death

Defeated Death in Bitterblack Isle.

Cheat Death
Online/OfflineSingle Player

When your reach Daimon, nothing will change for the first run-through. However, after his death, a new scene will occur. This is Daimon in his true form. His powers are distinctly more dangerous now, but the same advice remains. Stun lock him and beware when the rift opens.

True Conqueror

Defeated Daimon in his true form.

True Conqueror
Online/OfflineSingle Player

This is the last piece required for Bitterblack Isle. If you have not reached level 200, I highly recommend farming Daimon to do so.

And, as promised, here is the full story of Bitterblack Isle. Beware spoilers, as usual, and if you didn't understand the original storyline to Dragon's Dogma, you might be lost as you read:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

When in Bitterblack Isle, you should have reached somewhere close to level 200. However, if you didn't, I highly recommend grinding these levels here.


Reached LV 200.

Online/OfflineSingle PlayerLevel

This is likely your final step in the game. If not, be sure to check out the Additional Trophies page for more information. By finishing Bitterblack Isle, you also unlock your last trophy:

The True Arisen

Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies.

The True Arisen

I hope you enjoyed playing, and feel free to share any comments or concerns in the forum!


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