6. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Speedrun Mode


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To start, I recommend you beat the game at least once before attempting a speedrun. You should also read the guide below first before starting so you can collect the required materials.

Despite being called a speedrun, players are not forced to complete the game under a specific time. The goal is to simply finish as quickly as possible, and there's no deduction for taking too long. For my personal speedrun, I took the time to redo side quests which resulted in a playthrough well past two hours. I was still able to claim the rewards afterward. So, to put it simply, just replay the game without dying or without quitting the game to finish your speedrun. There are no other trophies needed within this game mode.


  • Caretaker's Garbs: This is Barnaby's outfit
  • Forest Tunic Set: This is Selene's outfit

Unfortunately, neither reward is very impressive, although they are arguably aesthetic items. They are also completely unique and cannot be found at any other time in the game, unlike other rare items. Once the game mode ends, you can reload your previous game and the items will be in your storage. Also note to check your difficulty when you return, since it automatically sets you to normal when you play a speedrun. Many players have noted that they were taken off of Hard Mode which ruined their playthrough.


  • There will be a timer at the top of your screen which will continue as you play. It does not continue to count during cutscenes or when paused, and it's only there to keep track of how long you've played.
  • There will not be any way to save your game. Not from the pause menu, not from the auto-saves, and not from sleeping. Furthermore, exiting the game will end your speedrun. So it must be done in one sitting. Pausing the game and continuing later also works.
  • You have one life and only one life. If you die, you must restart from the beginning. Wakestones are still applicable, though, so there's still hope if you make a mistake along the way.
  • You are forced to play offline. So no nabbing a friend's high-level pawn or buying your way through the speedrun.
  • Nothing you pick up is kept. So don't bother. That includes gold, equipment, and experience.

These are the only requirements to the game mode. So it really is just like replaying the game entirely. You will automatically be set to normal mode both for the speedrun and after it, so it's very important that you not play a speedrun while doing your hard mode playthrough. And of course, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be prepared. I lost my playthrough halfway through because of forgetting to bring my wakestones. As long as you're smart about it, it shouldn't be any trouble.


  • Skip quests. You don't keep the experience you earn, so the only reason there is for doing extra quests is if you missed one during the Hero trophy.
  • Place portcrystals everywhere. Fill all 10 slots and place them near quest objectives. Already placed portcrystals will still carry over.
  • Don't use a new profile. Everything you've collected (including experience) is carried over into your Speedrun, so don't restart your game.
  • Prepare appropriate items. This includes everything that will be needed for the playthrough. Even for boss fights. Some Items to think of are:
    • Health/Stamina Items
    • Maker's Finger for Grigori
    • Forged Fort Lever
    • Forged Wyrmking's ring
    • 20+ wakestones
    • Eternal Ferrystone
    • All of these items are optional
  • Once again, nothing you do or collect will be saved, so there is literally no point in collecting anything.
  • Avoid fights. You can skip basically everything but the quest required battles such as Grigori.

As mentioned in the Additional Trophies section, this is also a really good time to collect two trophies. One is for 350 pieces of equipment (well equipped), and the other is for acquiring 10,000,000 gold (the coin collector). Because you can sell literally everything you own and still have it all when you return from the speedrun, it makes sense to sell it all for the gold. That gold can then be used to collect all the equipment needed for the trophy.


No specific equipment is needed for a speedrun. You should, however, keep your items up to date. Don't use a set of level 12 armor when you happen to be level 50, obviously. It's also wise to stick with a vocation that you know well, instead of learning something new when you don't have the time to explore its features. Be sure to check the Additional Trophies page for the 300 pieces of equipment trophy.


Please note that there really isn't a perfect speedrun, per se. But there is a wide variety of generic tips and solutions that makes it go much faster. This walkthrough combines those tips into one full guide to hopefully provide you with the shortest time possible. Don't forget the details given earlier as you play. And if you still need trophies, it's wise to work on those as well. The guide to the speedrun is written with the assumption that you have already played the story at least once.

The link above is a secondary source to this guide. The fastest speedrun ever recorded is at 14:38 minutes by Glasnonck. The video above is from his YouTube channel. It's also used on the Wiki with the official record, so it's one of the best examples to use if you aren't a fan of text. It follows a very similar path as to what's written below, so no matter which source you choose, you should finish well under an hour. Good luck!



  1. Face the Dragon, but do not attack him. Just either One: Catch on fire; Two: Run away; or Three: Grab the girl to the right. This ends the battle early.
  2. Go through the motions until you head for the encampment. Skip Reynard. Once you reach the encampment, gather items from the innkeeper.
  3. Finish the quest by speaking to the riftstone, killing the Cyclops, and returning. Then collect pawns. Remember to update their equipment.
  4. Speak to Mercedes and sleep, then slay the hydra. Immediately attack the head by climbing its neck to end it quickly.
  5. Speak to her again, then leave for the waycastle. Kick the ox to go faster, then heal it with magic or with jewels/spring water.
  6. Speak to the innkeeper once you reach Gran Soren, then head to the pawn guild.


  1. Accept the quest for Everfall and either jump to the bottom and use a wakestone, or take the long way. Some abilities will stop fall damage too.
  2. Use the eternal ferrystone to return to the surface once you've examined the bottom. Then exit to meet the guard.
  3. Run to Ser Maximilian and accept all the quests. Then choose two of them to do. I recommend The Cypher and A Fortress Besieged.
  4. The Cypher: You should have a portcrystal somewhere nearby. Get to Hillfigure Knoll as quickly as possible and finish the quest.
  5. A Fortress Besieged: Travel to the Shadowfort and kill Ser Robert (you can let him die inside, or complete the quest by using the forged lever).
  6. Then return to Gran Soren for completion.


  1. Meet the duke after turning in your quests. Avoid Aelinore as you leave. Speak to the guard outside the gate, then turn back inside to speak with Aldous.
  2. Accept both quests, then go outside to meet with the hunting party. Use a goblin as bait, then slay the Griffin without letting it flee!
  3. Return to Gran Soren and sleep until the day of Fournival's trial. Then exit for the cutscene. Return to Aldous and accept both quests again.
  4. Travel to Windbluff Tower via portcrystal and attack Julien immediately. Speak to Mercedes and then fast travel out to Gran Soren to report.
  5. Head to the waycastle (portcrystal again) and speak with the guard. Return to Gran Soren via eternal ferrystone and attack the cockatrice with blast arrows.
  6. Report back and give the Wyrmring to Aldous (best if duplicated before the playthrough, otherwise, you'll need to do the quest.)
  7. Return to Aldous and collect the final quest of the act.


  1. Head to the Greatwall Encampment. Avoid all enemies until the Chimera. Kill it to pass, then run to the top for the other fight with the skeletons.
  2. Once you're ready, immediately head for the dragon (Grigori). Be sure to have the maker's finger equipped before approaching.
  3. When given the option of attacking or sacrificing the beloved, use the finger and the fight will end early. You will wake up in Cassardis.


  1. STOP HERE: Collect the 300 pieces of equipment and the 10,000,000 gold trophy before continuing. See the page for details.
  2. You should have the wakestones ready for Quinn, otherwise, get them as quickly as possible. The Ur-Dragon gives plenty if need be.
  3. Speak to Quinn and head to the beyond. Either fight or wait during the Seneschal's speeches.
  4. Finish the final fight with the Seneschal and pawn, and immediately use the Godsbane blade to finish your speedrun.


There are two trophies that should have unlocked before you ended the game. If you didn't collect them, note that you can complete them at any time. This is simply the opportune moment.

Well Equipped

Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.

Well Equipped
Online/OfflineSingle Player

The Coin Collector

Earned a total of 10,000,000G.

The Coin Collector
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

Because you should have completed your speedrun on the second or third playthrough, no matter when you did Hard Mode, another trophy should unlock.

The Ever-Turning Wheel

Completed the adventure a second time.

The Ever-Turning Wheel
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Depending on the path you've taken on the way, this may or may not be the final trophy on your list. Most likely, you still need to do Bitterblack Isle, which is one of the most difficult locations. As far as speedruns go, nothing else is required here.

The Sprinter

Completed game in Speedrun mode.

The Sprinter
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerTime/DateMultiple Playthroughs Required


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