Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
USA SanctuarySanity SanctuarySanity 29 696
USA ashleyj1988 ashleyj1988Resident evil 3 was AMAZING! And fuck Nemesis on inferno mode. 17 340
England BTHRZeroX BTHRZeroX136th Platinum Darksiders Genesis 40 1,190
England Gravelingas GravelingasAre boosting sessions still a thing? Or am I picking the wrong games...? 30 730
USA KTKarona KTKaronaTo go on a binge to finish my PS3 library of games I would want, only for Sony to renege on removing the store and support. Bittersweet victory. 33 861
USA Multicron MulticronNeed help with Borderlands GOTY Moxxi / Underdome. 37 1,001
England Nag_No1 Nag_No1 18 360
USA Prophet_Tom Prophet_TomMessage me via PSN if you want to boost. No random friend requests will be accepted. 26 585
Switzerland Rusty_Nail_zh Rusty_Nail_zhSUIKODEN! 0 0
USA SFCatg1rlFanat1c SFCatg1rlFanat1cWish DoAX3 had online play for Volleyball; Co-op fun would be had. 39 1,490
Mexico XchocomanX XchocomanXWoooo! 45 1,869