Dragon Audit

Dragon Audit

Dragon Audit

Dragon Audit Trophies

Full list of all 20 Dragon Audit trophies - 2 bronze, 10 silver, 7 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Durgon Pinball

    Play one round of Durgon Pinball (hint: access it via Persimmons).

  • High Flying Derg

    Get over 20,000 points in Durgon Pinball.

  • Squelch Secret

    Find the secret in Squelch and read ALL its text.

  • Castle Secret

    Find the secret in Castle and read ALL its text.

  • Deliveryknight

    Deliver the ~lovely poetry~ to Matt, and then let Lucca know.

  • Doing Exactly What You Asked

    Try to use the Congo package on the soil without opening it first.

  • Slightly Melted

    Put the statue back after melting it.

  • Sleeping Princess

    Try to use several items on Metra while she sleeps.

  • Speed Run

    Reach the ending within 40 minutes. It is measured at the point of starting the ending when using Ayraw's bed. You must play Squelch, but don't need to play the intro.

  • Hard Mode

    Beat the third level of the wire connection minigame the hard way.