Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3) Trophies

Full list of all 55 Dragon Age: Inquisition trophies - 43 bronze, 8 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

The base game contains 51 trophies, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 4 trophies.

  • Beloved and Precious

    Commit to a romantic relationship.

  • They Who Stand

    Recruit a new companion.

  • Speak Only the Word

    Gain access to a major city for the Inquisition.

  • Saddled Up

    Purchase or secure five different mounts of any kind.

  • Well-Prepared

    Craft a weapon or piece of armor in single-player mode.

  • Customized

    Enchant or upgrade a piece of equipment in single-player mode.

  • Commander

    Complete a timed mission on the war table.

  • Trailblazer

    Discover a campsite and establish an Inquisition camp in any wilderness area.

  • Sharp-Eyed

    Find and recover a shard identified by an ocularum.

  • Well-Read

    Discover a veilfire rune.

  • Skilled

    Upgrade any ability once in single-player mode.

  • Specialized

    Choose a specialization class.

  • Cavalier

    Secure a mount.

  • Synergized

    Trigger a cross-class combo with a character you control in single-player mode.

  • Botanist

    Harvest 50 herbs from Skyhold's garden in a single playthrough.

  • Wyrmslayer

    Kill a high dragon in single-player mode.

  • Decorator

    Purchase any new decoration element for Skyhold.

  • Belle of the Ball

    Gain the full approval of the Orlesian court.

  • Hard Hitter

    Land a single blow in excess of 1,000 damage in single-player mode.

  • Master Builder

    Craft an item from Tier 4 materials in all non-masterwork slots in single-player mode.

  • Master Alchemist

    Upgrade your alchemic potions, grenades, or tonics 30 times in a single playthrough.

  • Dragons' Bane

    Slay 10 high dragons in single-player mode.

  • Herald

    Finish the single-player campaign on at least Hard without lowering the difficulty.

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  • Inquisitor

    Finish the single-player campaign on Nightmare without lowering the difficulty.

  • Stargazer

    Unlock 15 astrariums in a single playthrough.

  • Focused

    Spend 10 points in a single ability tree with any one single-player character.

  • Well-Funded

    Earn 50,000 or more gold across all single-player playthroughs.

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  • Keymaster

    Enter the heart of the Solasan temple.

  • Pathfinder

    Discover a campsite and establish at least one Inquisition camp in 10 wilderness areas.

  • Liberator

    Liberate three keeps in a single playthrough.

  • High Commander

    Complete 50 missions or operations in a single playthrough.

  • Regal

    Completely upgrade one throne.

  • Persuasive

    Acquire 10 Inquisition agents in a single playthrough.

  • Veteran

    Reach level 20 in single-player mode.

  • Peerless

    Level up the Inquisition to rank 10.

  • People Person

    Become friends with at least three of your inner circle in one playthrough.

  • Loremaster

    Collect 250 codex entries in a single playthrough.

  • Demonslayer

    Defeat 1,000 demons in single-player mode.

  • Invincible

    Defeat 2,500 enemies in single-player mode.

  • Quartermaster

    Complete 20 requisition requests in a single playthrough.

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  • Marked for Greatness

    Seal 75 rifts in a single playthrough.

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Jaws of Hakkon

397 (73%)
  • Firestarter

    Destroy all the Winter Shards and light all the fires in the Old Temple.

  • Legend-Marked

    Impress the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold and gain their friendship.

  • Historian

    Uncover the secrets of a legendary figure.

  • Winter's End

    Dispel a myth of ancient days.