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    31 Aug 2013 08 Sep 2013
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    It really says something that, despite its age, despite numerous stellar games in the FPS genre, Doom is STILL considered one of the greatest FPS games of all time. Even now, nearly twenty years after the original game's debut, I can still jump in and have a blast. Even though I sprang for both the original and its sequel on Xbox Live Arcade (even writing a review of Doom 2 for True Achievements), I STILL gladly dropped the cash for Doom Classic Complete on PSN. The cash was definitely not wasted.

    Now, the visuals still look like the old DOS iterations. If you can't stand 20-year-old visuals,... well, you wouldn't be interested in Doom, anyway, would you? What is disappointing is that, while the gameplay field is strictly 4:3 dimensions (there weren't widescreen monitors in 1995, after all), the rest of the screen is just black. id couldn't put a wallpaper up to fill the empty space? Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA did.

    While Doom is old-looking and old-sounding, it's also as timeless from a gameplay standpoint as Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. Doom and Doom 2 are flawless ports with everything intact, right down to the Wolfenstein-based secret levels. The difficulty curve is flawless, and it is a pure joy to mow down Imps with a shotgun or trading BFG shots with an Arch-Vile. Everything is just perfect through all 68 levels of these seminal masterpieces.

    If the collection just had those two games, it'd be worth the price, but that's not all! Also in the collection are the extra Doom 2 episode "No Rest for the Living", the Doom 2 Master Levels, and both campaigns of Final Doom. The extra episode and the Master Levels add 28 more stages to the Doom 2 stucture. They're more puzzle-focused than the straight blast-fests that most Doom stages are, and they are very enjoyable additions. I primarily got this collection to play Final Doom which I had never gotten to play before. The 60 stages of Final Doom were designed by Doom masters, and it shows. Even playing on "I'm Too Young to Die" difficulty is consistently life-threatening. Those who crave a challenge will certainly get it.

    The trophies in this collection are much easier to attain than for the Doom games on XBLA. There are no trophies for multiplayer, and the toughest trophy involves killing a CyberDemon with your fists. All of the silver trophies for the six campaigns can be done on "I'm Too Young to Die". This is a very possible 100%. Too bad there's no platinum for it.

    The Doom Classic Complete is hours upon hours of some of the best shooting in existence. I almost felt guilty just paying $15 to download it; it's easily worth at least $30. Anyone that has even a passing interest in capping monsters must buy this game. It didn't thrive for twenty years on nostalgia alone!

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    MetroidNinjutsuDoom is a timeless classic! I loved your review and I can't wait to play these games again for like the 100th time lol.
    Posted by MetroidNinjutsu on 04 Nov 13 at 08:16
    SilencedNephilimI think every doom player should own this collection of doom and Doom 3: BFG Edition ;)
    Posted by SilencedNephilim on 22 Nov 13 at 07:28
    Snake_DTSIt was the same experience for me to play Final Doom for the first time - it opened the gate to a new dimension of mastering the art of Doom :))

    I disagree with the wallpaper, it visually distracts in my opinion from the pureness of the game.

    Speaking of dollars, i would have paid the full price of a new ps3 full game...
    Posted by Snake_DTS on 31 Oct 14 at 22:11
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    Doom Classic Complete PS3 Review

    Developer: Id Software | Publisher: Bethesda | Platform: PS3
    Genre: 3D-Game | Price: 14,99 $ [October 2014] | Release Date: 11/21/2012

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    Doomed To survive

    1993 was the year the biggest game of all time was released, whose episodes "Knee Deep In The Dead", "The Shores Of Hell" and "Inferno" were called after bible quotes from the Book of the Apocalypse, which especially becomes evident from the expansion "Thy Flesh Consumed". More than 8.5 million copies of the game were sold and critics label the game up to this day as the most influential video game at all. The overwhelming success of the game went that far, that 2 years later it was installed on more computers than the new operating system Windows 95.

    In due time classified by a reviewer as a "drug for the cerebellum", one must admit that the impulses are really short circuited: the world is your enemy, the only focus is on survival, everybody has to be eliminated immediately - shots, fireballs, bites, plasma rays and moveable walls cause death in no time. The successor "Hell On Earth", which was released one year later, defines the game very well, you can make yourself comfortable there in huge, infernal levels, Earth is redesigned as a hellish place to be.

    External image

    Gateway To Hell

    Strongly influenced by the movie "Aliens", you get banned as a space marine to Mars, where the Union Aerospace Corporation is performing secret experiments, that evolve that badly, that an overdimensional gate is created, which naturally attracts evil. All UAC employees are killed immediately or turn into undead, which the player has to eliminate together with supernatural monsters, in order to prevent an invasion of Earth. At the end of Knee Deep In The Dead the marine enters a teleporter to the vanished planet Deimos, only to be overpowered by monsters.

    At the beginning of The Shores Of Hell he succesfully teleports this time to the moon of Mars, where the gateway to evil has deformed the UAC installation and overgrown with alien structures. At the final the great cyberdemon has to be defeated, after whose death he figures out what happened to Deimos, it slides and floats above hell.

    This is exactly where the adrenaline-pushed, with insanity confronted player is going to during the episode Inferno, where the main goal is to eliminate the Spider Mastermind with a hopefully completed arsenal of plasma weapons. After its demise he finds a hidden portal to
    Earth, which has to be saved from the alien invasion in the last episode "Thy Flesh Consumed".

    External image

    The Perfect Beam

    I have to admit, that i have enjoyed Doom Classic Complete up to the last bit on ps3, because of its sensationally converted 1080p graphics, that stay faithful to the original up to the last color sprite and pixel. The same applies to the new sound in Dolby Digital and DTS, which
    has dynamic, powerful and yet neutral timbres without any rudimentary change of the original sound. That not being sufficient, Doom Classic Complete includes aside from Doom 1 and 2 also No Rest For The Living, Doom 2 Masterlevels together with the Final Doom episodes TNT Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment - these 151 levels really accomplished by the use of the luxurious ps3 analog stick to literally teleport me into another world for two weeks.

    Aside from that, there is an online multiplayer with coop and deathmatch for up to 4 players, where you quickly find new friends to fight against the evil alien empire, and the same fantastic option is available at home with splitscreen with up to 4 players as well - assumed that you own that much gamepads.

    External image

    My ID is...

    At this point i have to contribute a very personal bottom line to a game, that succeeded in inspiring me many years on screen. What started as unmeaning shareware, turned into a social cult, with the admittedly really cheap effect of consuming the state of the art graphics - approximately the same effect than if a N64 gamer those days had been suddenly confronted with The Last Of Us on PS3.

    Many people bought a new computer specifically for this game, at a time when a 386 pc costed over 750 $, which not rarely together with a clumsy monitor were taken to friends in order to survive aganist the invasion of evil or the fight against each other. Apart from
    that i recorded those days many screenshots and gameplays and created playable 3D worlds via editor, which is nowadays nearly impossible without knowledge of programming.

    I once read in an online magazine, that the game leaves the player no other choice than to kill everyone and everything in a hellish world, and i strangely enough must admit, that exactly this dull after taste remained, at a time when windows based games and 3DFX graphic cards offered entirely new possibilities - because even ID Softwares successor Quake was at the year 1996 worlds apart from any other game - especially speaking in terms of graphics and adrenaline.

    External image


    Like all great works of art, there is only the possibility to either love or hate Doom, rightly rated mature, it still breathes the atmosphere of what is forbidden, dark and evil and magically captivates you with its uncompromising and breathless nonstop action gameplay - rooms turn all of a sudden dark, in the right rear corner something is gurgling, and deadly monsters teleport from nowhere directly in front of the shotgun. The right switches have to be pressed, lifts to be used and all keycards have to be found, and without ammunition or medipacks, oneself only armed with fists and a chainsaw is confronted with a faint - and a fatal death.

    The HD Remake can be only described as sensational considering the volume, the fidelity to the orginal and the playing possibilities - up to 4 players online or offline, unlimited savegames, perfect controller support with vibration function - it is by the way only necessary
    to move the analog stick left or right in order to strafe.

    Only the features, which have made the game asolutely innovative at that time - like recording personal gameplays or creating own levels - are unfortunately missing, on that account luckily the cheat codees also were dropped, that would deprive the trip completely from its genuineness and archaic and plunge it into boredom.

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    Graphics: 10/10
    Sound: 10/10
    Music: 7/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Fun: 10/10
    Volume: 11/10

    Overall: 10/10

    Here is a trailer with music by Jerry Goldsmith and Basil Poledouris:

    Doom Artwork:

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    by Snake DTS